HYBE’s sales are expected to decline next year during BTS’s enlistment

HYBE’s sales are expected to decline next year during BTS’s enlistment… Looks like it will recover from 2024

BTS’ sales rate this year is 60-65%, and the rest of the artists are about 35-40%

1. Looks like HYBE can’t do anything without BTS

2. Aren’t you making money with games using BTS?

3. But didn’t both new girl groups do well this year? Where did all the money they make go?

4. But Seventeen will also enlist from next year…

5. There are 4 or 5 groups other than BTS that have sold millions to hundreds of thousands of albums, but where did all that money go?

6. However, all the singers of HYBE are growing up well

7. But the BTS members will all enlist next year, right?

8. They say they’re trying to reduce their dependence on BTS, but looks like they can’t

9. However, since the female idols of HYBE are doing well, I’m looking forward to the future activities of the idols in this company

10. I hope HYBE stops interfering with their solos and stops thinking about using BTS

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yeah but their groups are doing well rn especially their girl groups , and they also will be debuting another gg through iland2 next year and if they come out with fresh concept like nwjns and lsfm and get good songs , I could see them three making up the sales for bts in 2024 cause people love ggs than bgs nowadays.

bts is still there in 2023 sans jin, I could see them still making up most of the sales in 2023 , four of them are gonna release albums next year and maknae line solo stans will go all out for their solo debuts so yeah the sales are secured in 2023.


As long as they continue whatever they are doing rn with their groups , great concepts and great songs , they’ll be doing fine .


Ntm, it’s highly likely that they’ve saved up on unreleased BTS-related material (that whole “artist indirect involvement” strategy the company has been leaning towards since 2020) that they’re likely planning to put out later too.

I can see them going hard on TinyTans and BT21 new content too.


idc about the company & other gps but BTS have 7 members & 4 of them will be releasing their albums in 2023.the sales won’t decline i’m sure.it can even go higher than 2022.

Grace Walker

Funny how haters are waiting for Hybe, to fall. Jin, is the first to go to the military there are 6, members remaining. ARMY’s, will financially support BTS and Hybe, while members serve in the military.


Yeah other groups are doing well but in comparison to what BTS bring? BTS alone bringing over 60% and all other artists combined is 40%….

WhatsThe Point

3. But didn’t both new girl groups do well this year? Where did all the money they make go?

ijbol, BTS makes way more money than any group. They have the least versions for any album yet sell the most, they always have sold out concerts, and whatever they do, they bring in lots of money, incomparable to any group


they’re that dumb to think charting in melon means making money as much as BTS.you can have song with PAK & still you can’t outdo BT21 alone
BTS sells over 400k QR code,the sells they call great for other groups’ official albums let alone the fact that they require the least budget & bring the biggest income.

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