Hyeri does ‘To. X’ challenge with Taeyeon amid controversy

Taeyeon Hyeri ‘To. X’ challenge

They’re so cute

This is Hyeri’s third challenge

She practiced for 2 hours to dance that song

1. Hyeri’s expression at the end is so cuteγ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ She’s so cute

2. These two have good chemistry

3. Both are cute γ… γ… γ… 

4. They are cute and dance well

5. Hyeri, please come back as a singer γ…œγ…œ

6. She’s been in a girl group for 7 years and it takes 2 hours to dance to that song?

7. The haters are criticizing her for this γ…œγ…œ They uploaded a dance video without making any statement;;

8. Taeyeon is so white and pretty

9. I always approve of friendship between pretty girls

10. Hyeri, I hope you smile a lot with Taeyeon and other good people around you

11. Hyeri’s clothes are so pretty

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