“I can (retire) leave, right?” BoA shocked and confused netizens with her Instagram story

BoA’s Instagram story

“Once the contract ends, I can leave, right??”


“Once the contract ends, I can retire, right??”

1. I guess it’s because she’s sad because the music she released recently didn’t score well..ㅠㅠ

2. What did BoA do wrong? Why are you criticizing her? If you don’t want to see her, then don’t pay attention to her

3. Does she want to retire?;;;

4. Just looking at the comments here, I can understand why she wants to retire, BoA has suffered a lot over the past 20 years

5. Just looking at the comments here can tell if BoA is thinking about retiring or not

6. Don’t say the word ‘retirement’ so casually, it hurts fans’ hearts

7. I’ve been watching BoA since she debuted and she seems to be going through the hardest time lately

8. Don’t harass celebrities, don’t write malicious comments

9. Please give BoA a little attention

10. She is thinking about leaving SM?

11. She is working for her contract??

12. Fans must have been heartbroken for a moment

13. Is this the season to renew her contract with SM?

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