I saw the LE SSERAFIM members right in front of me, and their abs are amazing


1. Their abs are crazy

2. Wow daebak, Kim Chaewon’s abs are no joke

3. I guess the light on the broadcast is so strong

4. Crazy

5. How do they all have abs?

6. I really hope there are more groups like LE SSERAFIM, they are stage masters

7. Wow there’s Sakura too

8. Sakura and Yunjin are so pretty

9. Unnies.. You guys are so cool

10. I’m really jealous of them

11. Wow seriously amazing

12. LE SSERAFIM members’ abs are really clearer than my future

13. Yesterday, I was surprised when I saw Yunjin’s arm muscles

14. Hul look at Chaewon’s abs..

15. Kazuha is crazy

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