“I think I’ll stand to gain if they’re not here” Min Heejin discusses BTS’ enlistment with her shaman

ADOR CEO Min Heejin also shared her opinion with the shamans about BTS members’ military enlistmentShe is so disgusting

When she asked for advice on whether or not to support them entering the military, the shaman advised that it would be in Min Heejin and ADOR’s benefit for them to not receive exemption

Min Heejin: Will BTS go to the army or not?
Shaman: They will
Min Heejin: Well, it’s better for me if BTS to goes to the army. Send them off. What do you think?
Shaman: I’m going to send them to the army. It’s not like they got gold medals or something
Min Heejin: I think I’ll stand to gain if they’re not here

1. She’s so disgusting

2. She really crossed the line

3. She worked with V, right? Daebak, she’s so scary

4. That’s right, NewJeans debuted during BTS’s hiatus

5. It was beyond my imagination and I was angry that she did that to my idols

6. So NewJeans debuted as Bangtan’s dongsaeng, and then she pretended to be close to V and worked with him, then what? I’m getting goosebumps

7. No…didn’t she collaborate with a BTS member??? She gave me goosebumps

8. Hul, isn’t she close to V?

9. After all this, do you think working with the BTS members will benefit your career? What a mean person

10. Damn… Is this how you work and laugh with BTS members? The conversation gave me goosebumps

11. Wow….. I’ve never commented on an article related to Min Heejin, but this is too much..

12. She needs to go to prison

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