“I thought there would be more female fans” Age and gender division of NewJeans fan meeting pre-sale tickets

Age and gender division of NewJeans fan meeting pre-sale tickets

1. Hul, I thought there would be more female fans

2. My brother, a muggle who only knew about games and didn’t listen to hip-hop or idol songs, went crazy with NewJeans’ songs and started to like them

3. They have a lot of unnie fans

4. Wow, the ratio is good

5. Just look at people around me, NewJeans is so popular with men

6. The boys around me really like Hanni and Haerin

7. The men around me only like two idol groups, TWICE and NewJeans

8. I thought they had more female fans, but I was surprised

9. NewJeans really has both popularity and good fandom

10. I was surprised that there were more male fans than I thought

11. Of course I think they will have a lot more male fans… There are a lot of male celebrities who mention NewJeans, and the men around me often talk about NewJeans

12. Among the popular female idols of the 4th generation, they have the most male fans

13. Wow, NewJeans is really cool

14. All the popular female idols in the past had more male fans

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those who bought are creepy fat old man or “army” pedo lolita…


Are we surprised? Men like young girls… And they dont really do badass music that can make woman stan n found them cool. They only have alot of casual listeners of female. Remind me of early twice.


“Men like young girls”??? Wtf ew u a p3do


sold out 8k tickets in 5 minutes and blackpig couldn’t sell out their 2432 fan meeting tickets

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50 year old fat, balding men wanna eat their cookies

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Teenaged puppy

Male fans more like incels jerking off of their photocards and videos.🤢

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