Identity members of 4th generation idol girl groups that were voted on the female cafe community


Minji – 48%


Wonyoung – 83%


Karina – 89%


Kim Chaewon – 63%

1. Haerin, Wonyoung (even if you like Yujin more, she’s still IVE’s identity), Karina, Chaewon

2. Minji, Jang Wonyoung, Karina, Huh Yunjin

3. That’s exactly what I thought, I know NewJeans, but I don’t know each member’s name, but I know Minji

4. I think LE SSERAFIM’s identity is Yunjin, and NewJeans’ identity is Hyein

5. Haerin, Wonyoung, Karina, Chaewon

6. IVE’s identity is Yujin, LE SSERAFIM’s identity is Huh Yunjin

7. As a Muggle, I think LE SSERAFIM’s identity is Sakura

8. NewJeans’ identity is Hyein

9. They are the most popular members of the groups

10. It seems like Huh Yunjin is showing off the group’s identity and image

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