Idol boy groups whose songs are on Melon’s annual chart

2nd generation: TVXQ, SS501, Super Junior, Big Bang, F.T. Island, SHINee, 2PM, 2AM, U-Kiss, BEAST, MBLAQ, CNBLUE, Infinite, Block B, B1A4

3rd generation: EXO, BTOB, BTS, Winner, iKON, N.Flying, Highlight, Wanna One

4th generation: X

1. Wow BEAST, Highlight is amazing

2. Will TXT be there this year? I’m curious

3. It’s surprising that Seventeen isn’t there

4. Wow, there are less 3rd generation groups than I thought… But BEAST in 2nd generation and Highlight in 3rd generation is amazing

5. Highlight looks so natural in the 3rd generation

6. Highlight is 3rd generation?

7. These are the groups that come to mind when you think of the male idols of that era

8. Seventeen isn’t there?

9. Why isn’t Day6 there???

10. Are you curious about who will be the first 4th generation male idol?

11. I think TXT will be the first 4th generation boy group

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