Idol who is good at singing, dancing, rapping, writing lyrics and composing

Who is the all-round idol?

Which idol do you think? He/she is good at singing, dancing, rapping, writing lyrics and composing

1. There aren’t any such idols that come to my mind right away.. Maybe it’s because I don’t know

2. Jungkook

3. If you include composing and writing lyrics, there aren’t any idols, right…?

4. Jeon Soyeon

5. Jeon Soyeon…?

6. BoA…?

7. YG’s composing members

8. Jeon Soyeon

9. Jonghyun

10. Jungkook? If you include writing lyrics and composing, I think of Jeon Soyeon

11. Stray Kids Han

12. Joohoney

13. Woozi?

14. Jungkook, Jeon Soyeon

15. SHINee Jonghyun

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3. If you include composing and writing lyrics, there aren’t any idols, right…?

Jungkook, it is. He’s the definition of an all-rounder.


jungkook isnt really a great rapper, lyricist or composer and when it comes to dancing he’s average tbh


Infact, he used to rap a lot on their debut era, and he often doubling j-hope’s rap. All of the songs he wrote was a hits, the recent fifa song dreamers was co-written by him. And he’s part of the dance line in bts.


“He used to rap a lot” 🤣 lmao that doen’t mean he’s good. Boy can’t spit any bars as hell


for a main vocal he is good rapper he usually raps the parts the rapline members if one of them is not there, a lot of people don’t know he is a trained rapper.
for dancing a lot of dancers said he is such a great dancer he has his own style that maybe doesn’t suit your definition of a good dancer he is part of the dance line for a reason
lyrics and composition, he made still with you, magic shop, my you, your eyes tell, participated in film out, love is not over and so on..

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That’s your opinion, not a fact.


HYOLYN is thee all rounder of Kpop. She was in UnprettyRapstar, is a main vocalist and the best in the industry, an amazing dancer..She is a producer and composer the list goes on.. I think Jungkook is a good 2nd place tho

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Yes definitely Jungkook. And I want to add another one, Taehyung. Both Jungkook and Taehyung are good in composing and writing lyrics, it’s just they were often overshadowed by the rapline members who are great in both.


Wow the downvotes, butthurt people, lol


+ editing and directing, I can only think of Jungkook.


Beomgyu and HueningKai from TXT


your mom


Our maknae jeon jungkook is top of all ifols. He is also one of the co-writers of Dreamers. He is all rounder. I’m so proud 🥺


He wrote 1 line and thats it, that song is bad asf




Army don’t forget to vote lets win again for bangtan‼️💪

Nono nonono

JOOHONEY!!!! He is Monsta X’ s main rapper, but his vocals are way better than of most main vocals in the industry (listen to him in MX’s english songs) + he is a great dancer, has written and produced MX’s last 3 title tracks. He is also top10 (around 7th, but I don’t remember) of most komca credited idols. He is an ace, a perfect al- rounder and it’s almost criminal the way he is overlooked.


Jeon soyeon is the one and only who can compose hits after hits without having to rely and big fandom to chart


the third comment?? ik hobi doesn’t sing much and jungkook doesn’t rap now but they’ve absolutely ate whenever they did those things. so yes there do exist all rounder idols who can do everything and they are J-Hope and Jungkook


This must be Lisa, she is the best!! Who even is soyeon??? 🤣🤣


yoongi really is underrated, i guess his shoulder injury made people sleep on his dancing skills and he might not be the greatest vocalist out there but songs like people and seesaw are still fan favourites. not to say he is the best korean rapper and the best idol producer, argue with the hand


the lack of woozi mentions is crazy

This article opened my eyes, I can feel your mood, your thoughts, it seems very wonderful. I hope to see more articles like this. thanks for sharing.

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