Idol who was hot before debut

Idol who was hot before debut

After appearing in ‘Spoiler’ in 2014, the name Jisoo took 2nd place in Naver’s real-time search thanks to her amazing beauty

[+107, -40]

1. [+29, -4] Seriously, Jisoo looks so pure and innocent

2. [+22, -4] Not only the facial features but also the face shape is amazing

3. [+22, -3] Kim Jisoo ㅠㅠㅠ She was pretty even before her debut… Her personality is so approachable and cuteㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+22, -6] Jisoo has an actress-like face, her features are pretty, but the overall proportions of her face are so harmonious

5. [+19, -3] Her face looks like an actress, when she appeared in the music video, I thought she was a rookie actress

6. [+11, -0] Her natural beauty.. She’s seriously so pretty, especially when Jisoo smiles, her mouth is so pretty

7. [+9, -0] Her beauty has been perfect since before debut

8. [+6, -2] She really has the beauty that Koreans like

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jisoo does have an actress like face but her acting isn’t much.


her acting so good actually


look at the downvotes lol

imagine spending 24/7 on pann, hating on other groups to the point where other groups’ fans stop posting because they’re tired of the hate and lies and still end up getting downvoted by your own peers 💀

blinks, please continue to post your 10000th “look at [bp member]. isn’t she crazy beautiful and successful and talented?” post on pann. it’s obvious that you’re coping and desperately looking for some validation.


Dumb btchs think “the bp” need the mediaplay like yall fave need lmao, go look at the mirror they are doing fine with their sold out world tour concerts and headlining some of the biggest music festivals, meanwhile your fave still stuck at doing kcon


Uhhhh. It’s because blinks are a lot in number so they are more visible wherever they go. If you have a problem find your own fandom and start praising your faves together if you want. Oh wait, nobody even knows your faves lolololololololol
Let blinks do what they want and mind your own business. Focus on your faves


it’s because she’s the most talented member of BLACKPINK, main vocal, main rapper, main dancer and main visual, talented actress unlike her other untalented members.


LMAOOOO, dont like bp but lets not lie like that. Rosé, Jenny and Lisa are still wayyy better


bp has got to be the most overrated idols that I’ve ever seen. holy fk she’s pretty but not all that


Don’t associate that untalented hag with BP. They better without her cracking and strained voice and stiff dance


Mother dozen


Is jin


Not even on his worst day. Jizsoo is an awkward mess and y’all losers for hyping it


YG should’ve put her into acting classes and had their acting division manage her instead of making her an idol.

And no I don’t even want Miyeon in Blackpink, she’s doing great in Gidle. I just think Jisoo struggles a lot with being an idol. Not even trying to be mean but she still sticks out like sore thumb during their performance and in the studio version of their songs.

Last edited 5 months ago by Usernamenotfound404

Agree. There’s other 2>>>>huge wall>> Jenni>>>>great wall of china + mariana trench>>>>> Jisoo


Miyeon tho I don’t think is happy in cube. Aand anyways, blinks have made this stupid romor that Miyeon was part of BP. She was only a trainee in YG like many others. Nvr in the final lineup of bp.

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