Idols born in 1994 will turn 30 in 2023

Ha Sung Woon

Oh My Girl Hyojung


Red Velvet Seulgi, Wendy

EXO Kai, Sehun

MONSTA X Jooheon, Hyungwon

BTS J-Hope, RM

1. Our Hobi and Namjoon, I’m looking forward to their 30s

2. I really can’t believe it

3. Seulgi, Wendy…? I thought they were only 26 years old, they look so young

4. Victon’s Han Seungwoo too… Also, he’ll be discharged next year

5. Suzy and Day6’s Wonpil will also turn 30 next year……. They still look so young

6. Suzy, Krystal, Kang Jiyoung, Hyeri, Son Naeun, etc.

7. Our Seulgi is already 29 years old???

8. It’s strange that they’re still the representative mainstream of girl groups and boy groups.. It seems like the lifespan of idols has increased a lot

9. Wow, everyone is amazing, but Kai and Sehun in their 30s are really cool

10. I don’t want Namjoon and Hoseok to enlist in the army

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