Idols who are official members of the Korea Music Copyright Association

G-Dragon (24)

Rain (31), Kangta (34)

Kim Jaejoong (28)

Kim Junsu (28), T.O.P (28)

BoA (30)

IU (24)


B.I (24), Woozi (24), Chanhyuk (24), Zico (28), Jinyoung (29), Yong Junhyung (31), Jung Yonghwa (31)

RM (27), J-Hope (27), Jay Park (34)

Kang Seung Yoon (28), Song Minho (29)

Lim Hyunsik (30)

Han (24), Changbin (25), Bang Chan (27)

1. WINNER is daebak..

2. I thought Jonghyun was there too

3. Wow 3RACHA is amazing, congratulations

4. Only two female idols

5. Are the standards too high? The youngest is 24 years old

6. Isn’t Jeon Soyeon here?

7. YG idols are amazing

8. Wow, only BoA and IU are female idols

9. Wow there were so many idols in 2019

10. Wow G-Dragon, he’s really different

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Sophie Kate

“wow 3RACHA is amazing” racist untalented men making shitty music and having a bunch of brainwashed fans cumming at their voices and faces and bodies and worshipping them and the men in question managing to get to the top due to fraudulent tactics and fans fraudulent mass voting streaming and buying, fooling people into thinking they are famous, is insane.

Sophie Kate

Let’s discuss. You got to the BB200, but failed to get to the HOT100 (LIKE SUPERM), the HOT100 in question is something that proves you’re actually being listened to by the public and are not just there because of fans mass buying and mass streaming. Yet you failed to get on it which shows your fans aren’t even able to crack 120k sales in the US, but are willing to stream a million times like robots to force your name on there. You use ads to get 100M views, you can’t sell out shows and your fans have to beg people to come so that the seats aren’t empty, you cannot sing and are regularly attacked and dragged for not singing well or dancing well or having good music… There is an entire list of reasons why Stray Kids are fraudulent. And one of the main reasons is JYPE.


please get some help this isn’t normal


same like how Twice get higher pure sales in us but then failed to enter hot100. their stream and sales not matching at akl


Lmao blink inserting their dick in every one’s business


What are you talking about? The Feels and Moonlight Sunrise both entered Billboard’s Hot 100, and they did that without a 360° Spotify deal, heavy playlisting, features from Western artists or bought VMA awards and performances. Twice is and has always been one of the groups with the most consistent numbers in the game.

So try again, you lying pos.


i think it’s funny that stays were trying to spread rumors about txt now that they’ve done a sexy concept, because once you take away the “sexy” aspects of stray kids, they’re left with nothing that you can’t get from any other bg

Sophie Kate

Exactly. They hump the air and ground and take off their shirts every five minutes. Their concerts are a strip club basically, no wonder straight women and gay men are going there. The “fans” paid to see a strip show. 🤷🏽‍♀️.


oh so you tune in even for the concerts? as expected from a creepy weirdo like you

listen I know y’all armys are bored but like? just go and stan another group? or find another hobby, get some fresh air, maybe psychiatric help while you’re at it?


They cheat on every vote. I get annoyed when I see them bragging about their cheating trying to get first place. They also sent a problematic from their group and they still have another school bully in their group. They are truly pathetic. Lastly their fan service 🤮


Omg, what did these guys do to you? You may accuse their fans for anything you want, but that doesn’t change the fact that stray kids are more talented than most of these 4gen groups, and they can sing live (which is rare nowadays).

Last edited 1 month ago by Faker
Sophie Kate

They are not talented. Who lied to you? 😭 Read my fucking post before responding to me with lies.

WhatsThe Point

I think to be a member of komca u need to have song writing credits for 5 consecutive years (?). That’s what I remember reading somewhere, idk other criteria tho

White cat

Iu truly show her growth. When people arguing why she doesn’t continue her study to university. She downright said she can learn it directly inside the industry and she proof that she learning and improving. she truly be consider as musicians and now she venturing in acting.

meow meow

yasss yoongi


1. WINNER is daebak.. YESSSS


Winner is indeed amazing tbh esp kang seungyoon he become a full komca member with only 37 songs at that time


Bts’ rapper line is so hardworking. I’m just proud of them.


No day6?


RM and GD ✌️✌️

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