Idols who left JYP Entertainment when they just debuted

Wonder Girls HyunA
February 10, 2007 ~ July 30, 2007 – 5 months

2PM Jay Park
September 4, 2008 ~ September 8, 2009 – 1 year

Day6 Junhyeok
September 7, 2015 ~ February 27, 2016 – 5 months

Stray Kids Woojin
March 25, 2018 ~ October 28, 2019 – 1 year 7 months

February 22, 2022 ~ December 9, 2022 – 10 months

1. It’s weird, is there any company like this?

2. I was really shocked when Jay Park left… They just said it was because of his privacy issues

3. Hyuna didn’t maintain her contract with JYP?

4. But they still try to keep the violent school idols, JYP should stop talking about personality

5. Why didn’t Hyunjin leave?

6. I’m still curious about Jay Park.. What made him let Jay Park go while embracing school bullies and drunk driving idols?

7. Hyuna announced at that time that she withdrew due to inflammatory bowel disease, it was for health reasons

8. I was a fan of 2PM at that time, but there was even a protest against Jay Park leaving the group…….. It’s been a long time

9. I’m so curious about the reason Jay Park left the group. At that time, the other members even held a fan meeting and talked about it like it was Jay Park’s fault

10. Why didn’t the violent school idols leave the group?

11. What a weird company

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