“If BLACKPINK was on that level, I wonder what TWICE would be like”

If BLACKPINK was on that level, I wonder what TWICE would be like

TWICE is doing well in Japan, but they are also doing well in the US, the two countries with the largest music consumers..ㄷㄷ

1. BLACKPINK must make more money than TWICE

2. BLACKPINK has only 4 members, and BLACKPINK also has dome tour in Japan. They shoot a lot of commercials and now, looking at the scale, they’re at the one top of all the girl groups

3. But TWICE sold a lot of albums, they have a lot of big concerts around the world

4. TWICE has 9 people but BLACKPINK only has 4 people

5. It’s hard to compare who makes more money

6. BLACKPINK is popular in Southeast Asia and the US, TWICE is popular in Japan and the US.. I can’t compare..

7. BLACKPINK members are all ambassadors of luxury brands, they must earn a lot of money

8. Both groups are good, why should we compare?

9. I think Lisa makes the most money in BLACKPINK

10. Anyway, they all have a lot of money

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well I think we can agree that both groups definitely richer than us


Absolutely no doubt about it 😂😂😂


This site is obsessed w blackpink, literally we got so much articles about them??? Give us itzy, ive and the rest tf


These two are super rich ggps in kpop what are we really comparing over here…
They both will always be regarded as top ggps…
The fanwars seems so pointless tbh…like why tf are you even fighting for two millionaires? Plus they are besties they even said it out loud.


because PannKpop is full of Twice fans and anti blankpink members. They have to drag BP on every article, it is just amusing.

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And by down voting you they proved you were right😂


Dude literally no one in this comment section is bashing bp or twice rn. Don’t try to start a fanwar over here which is not existing. We are tired of it and now want to move forward. All other comments are literally talking about what is the importance of even this post…cause believe it no one cares. Their success will not go anywhere now.


Pannkpop is full of BP antis. They are literally flocking the upvotes no matter how nasty the comments/drags are.


true, a very sad bunch!


People are comparing the money they earn now?


They’re naive to compare Blackpink will twice lol


Why are we comparing two successful ggps now? They both are moving forward in their own pace and have fans who love and support them. Plus they both are one of the super rich groups of k-pop. So why this comparision? Like move on its been 8 years already. Find someone else.


Blackpink have more money and more popularity around the world, that’s too obvious, Twice are not even close to half the popularity and monetary gains that Blackpink have, that’s literally the reality, I’m not shading twice, they have their level of success but it is simply absurd that there are people who still delude themselves thinking that twice are at the same level or a higher level than Blackpink, that is a big lie, it is a no-brainer that Blackpink are more popular and generate higher income

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Power of media play. Half of bp success is media play . Not saying they ain’t popular but Half of it is just pure mediaplay


You guys still think it’s 2019, but let’s do a reality update:
Blackpink will tour in Japan and accumulate more audience than twice, Blackpink accumulated more audience than twice in the US, Blackpink have more audience in the rest of Asia, Blackpink have more audience in Europe, Blackpink have more audience in Oceania, Blackpink have more audience in Latin America, Blackpink have better results in all the charts worldwide, Blackpink is the only girl group that enters all the charts in the world, Blackpink are the biggest girl group in the world, one of the best girl groups from the history of the music industry in general, twice like all groups have their own success, and it’s annoying that they are always being compared to Blackpink and using twice to deny Blackpink’s worldwide success, so… now are you up to date with reality?


Lol just wait until Twice will have their real world tour in the middle of the year and Twice will garner even more audience than bp in Japan and US especially Japan and according to JYPE Twice will have a world tour in rest of asia, europe, South America and Australia too. Last year they didn’t even have a world tour because of the pandemic and had some shows in US, Japan and Korea. The fact that both girl groups have same capacity of arena/stadium says enough about their popularity . and I don’t deny the fame of Bp either, I know they’re the biggest girl group

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