“If I had known BTS Chapter 2 was like this, I wouldn’t have cried” Netizens talk about BTS Jungkook’s high quality photos for Calvin Klein

BTS Jungkook x Calvin Klein high quality photos, 7 photos

1. Daebak, since when did our maknae grow up like that? ㅠㅠ

2. He’s so cool and manly.. But what will come out at 8 p.m. tonight? Underwear?

3. Wow, it’s really good beyond imagination

4. Jungkook is crazy!!!!! I really like his long hair these days

5. Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His abs are amazing!!!!!!!!!!! He looks so cool with long hair!!!!!!!!!! It is perfect

6. It’s Jungkook oppa!!!!!!

7. Jeon Jungkook is crazy. His body is amazing~

8. Jungkook’s waist is really pretty

9. Crazy, thanks Calvin, from now on I’ll just wear Calvin!!!!!

10. If I had known BTS Chapter 2 was like this, I wouldn’t have cried..^_^

11. BTS Chapter 2 is really crazy ㅠㅠ

12. He looks like a rock star, he’s so cool

13. Wow his abs are so pretty

14. Wow BTS Jungkook’s hot body is the best

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It's whatever

Jungkook has such great body, it’s insane.

Eternally glad to his mom that choose to chase his dad to give birth to Jeon Jungkook, what a blessing 😍


maybe we get a video later on ?


Koreans “Jk looks so manly”
Meanwhile his own jungkook stans wanting him to be a woman, and calling him as Jimins wife 🤣
Sorry jimin 😔


you truly live such a miserable life, if this website is where you get your highs from.
the obsession is unreal.


you got so much time on your hands to dig this picture from probably the nsfw part of kpop twt ☠️


Lol it was literally on TL. I have seen so many jungc0ck stans that want him to be a wife of jimin or V. They even give him female organs 🤢

Color color stan

Lol i think you’re not really a blink because you never comment on bp posts maybe you stan a 4th gen flop idol 👀


And again… Y’all where were you when God was giving brains💆🏻‍♀️


You really are a loser. Always beating the actual fans to BTS post. I just know you’ve never changed your bedsheets or brushed your teeth. Freak

uga uga

He’s indeed hot but what a fuck is that haircut


Calvin Klein’s Global CMO Jonathan Bottomley: “Jungkook is one of the world’s most popular artists; he possesses a rare ability to connect with international audiences through both his music and his style. We’re fortunate and excited to have him join the Calvin Klein team.”🔥🔥


Jimin “FACE” Live on Weverse

March 29 10:13PM KST


Don’t forget to join the live👉🏻💜


I’m just here for the pictures 🥵

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