If you could debut as a male idol, which group would you like to debut in?

I’m curious

1. BTOB, Seventeen, Infinite

2. BTS, I want to attend the Grammy

3. BTS… I want to be a world star

4. I want to join NCT Dream

5. BTS

6. BTS… Provided that I can survive there..

7. Seventeen, sounds believable and interesting

8. BTS, you only live once, you should live it to the fullest

9. NCT…….. I will kiss and hug my handsome kids and friends

10. Seventeen, I think every day is fun and they have my favorite songs

11. TXT’s songs and their worldview are my style

12. SEVENTEEN looks so happy…

13. NCT 127

14. BTOB, the atmosphere looks good

15. BTS ㅋㅋ I want to be with members like BTS for the rest of my life

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