If you could debut as a male idol, which group would you like to debut in?

I’m curious

1. BTOB, Seventeen, Infinite

2. BTS, I want to attend the Grammy

3. BTS… I want to be a world star

4. I want to join NCT Dream

5. BTS

6. BTS… Provided that I can survive there..

7. Seventeen, sounds believable and interesting

8. BTS, you only live once, you should live it to the fullest

9. NCT…….. I will kiss and hug my handsome kids and friends

10. Seventeen, I think every day is fun and they have my favorite songs

11. TXT’s songs and their worldview are my style

12. SEVENTEEN looks so happy…

13. NCT 127

14. BTOB, the atmosphere looks good

15. BTS ㅋㅋ I want to be with members like BTS for the rest of my life

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The only right answer is number 15


the best point.with friends like them around,you get the courage to work hard & get better & better.they give that energy.dream & hope & going forward.


No thanks to the pressure and hard work of being a BTS member. EXO or Big Bang probably, I could mess up or coast by and be just fine while still being rich.


Yeah being any group under hybe seems fun but very hard since they put in a lot of effort into their job so i would like to be under YG and be able to party, fuck around, do illegal shit and still get away with everything while doing my actual job maybe like once every 2+ years




Yeahh the best thing being BTS is having bff like BTS.


BTS. To be able to work with full creative freedom AND having co-workers that are as close as my family is the dream.


BTS, but not because they’re world stars or has money but because I can see that the members genuinely like and support each other. That would be nice amidst all the pressures of being a celebrity.


BTS for the friendship, other than that maybe TXT


It’s a matter of opinion. And my opinion is NCT 127. They all just seem so cool ngl.


as much as I love BTS, that’s not the lifestyle i want to have. Imagine being the center of attention all the time and everyone are out to get you for the smallest mistakes. it would be so tiring for my introvert a** so no… I could be their manager though lol

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manager sejin was a whole idol himself lmao


BTOB are some of chillest men out there and I love their friendship.


BTS is the only possible answer.


Definitely not bts, i don’t want crazy lunatic fans


Even if you or anyone else want to in bts u can’t , those 7 men wouldn’t be here today if they have someone with that much impurities


Bts idc, I want to be a multimillionaire

My name is cheeky, cheeky cheeky cheeky

Imagine you woke up in your favourite group members body…


My fav idol is rich so I’m gonna quickly go out to eat expensive food lol




Number 11.. Not even visuals but about the music and worldview. I agree with them.


Ngl, I have basically zero aspirations in the field of music (except maybe having a semi-commendable piano repertoire), which means BTS is out for me.

Their music comes from them sincerely exploring and creating in that field, so none of the guys are slacking when it comes to that core aspect of their career. If I loved music as much as they do, I’d already be trying to make it rn.

I would like having a friend grp like theirs tho.


If any of you or knetz debuted with these groups I guarantee these groups would not be successful. Replace the members with you people no way..

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Those who know, know. BTOB is THE right answer. Imagine being that talented that no matter how goofy and meme-able you get, you still will be praised for how good of a vocalist/rapper/producer you are! Seriously is there a group crazier than BTOB? XD


NCT Dream. They just look so fun to be around.


seventeen for me. i’d have artistic freedom as much as a mainstream group would allow, popular but not overly popular that people nitpicks everything i do on the daily, tours a lot, members are also fun and seems genuinely close


Reading your article helped me a lot and I agree with you. But I still have some doubts, can you clarify for me? I’ll keep an eye out for your answers.

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