iKON Bobby decided not to renew his contract with YG?

iKON Bobby decided not to renew his contract with YG (foreign media)

1. I wish he could do hip-hop activities properly. He won Show Me the Money, but what a pity

2. Is it a news site that is trustworthy? Will he go to the hip-hop label?

3. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he leaves YG and does what he wants to do

4. I wonder if iKON will disband or continue activities

5. iKON’s popularity is gone, why isn’t there any news about the other members?

6. Honestly, Bobby would be better off going to a hip-hop agency as a hip-hop artist than promoting as an idol

7. Seriously, I think Bobby would do well as a solo artist…

8. iKON will end without Bobby and B.I

9. I think the value of the name YG doesn’t help Bobby

10. I think Bobby will do well even if he goes to a hip-hop label and composes his own music, I don’t feel the idol title is an advantage

11. I think it would be better for both Bobby and the company to not renew the contract

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Ikon died as soon as B.I. was kicked out, his drug addict image destroyed the group, the best thing would have been for the group to disband. Bobby is right to get the hell out of there. 

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