“I’m a fan of SM idols, I want Kakao to take over SM”

Of course I don’t represent the opinions of fans of SM idols, it’s my opinion

The reason why SM 3.0 failed is because of Lee Soo Man who sold his shares to HYBE

Anyway, one fan’s opinion doesn’t affect who takes over SM so I’m just giving my opinionㅋㅋㅋㅋ

1. Me too, please

2. Also, after watching the video yesterday, I want Kakao to take over SM

3. After hearing the 3.0 plan, I thought the company would eventually work normally, but it turned out like this

4. Me too

5. Well, do you guys really want SM to fall into Chinese hands?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. I think I understand your thoughts

7. I agree

8. I don’t know, I hope they care about idols

9. Kakao is better than HYBE now

10. Me too, I want Kakao to take over SM

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Oh y’all really falling for the trap it’s sad and hilarious. Just don’t be mad when kakao decides to disband idol groups and created a nasty monopoly like they weren’t already trying


I remember hybe disband g friend not kakao

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

Source music was the one that disband gfriends and decide to focus on new GG with hybe money.
I can’t blame them because gfriend make no noise with their last cb


i remember sm disbanded a sub label group bc they were getting too big as well


Gfriend was not getting big ehat!? Lmao


gfriend not worth to save. look at them now, all of their work flop so hard. none of them can well above 100k, also their fans are fkin loud and high-mighty annoying loser




they can chart + 1 million seller and are all pretty

gfriend butt fugly


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mmm chris lee’s plan is working then, it’s fascinating to read all these stuffs tbh, chris lee’s side sure been making lots of noises compared to hybe & lsm.

there were tons of rumors also came out and surprisingly they were all out after the stock markets close. The CJ rumor, the rumor of them selling their subsidiaries like dearu , keyeast and sm c&c. Wonder what news will be out today


Yep, their timing seems formulated to the standard propaganda format: at a crux point, overload with sensationalist news so ppl won’t have time/energy to digest everything and form well-thought out and critical opinions and those who do, will be in the minority and likely be unheard.

It’ll be interesting to see how cmmts will change in response to it too. I can see ppl taking on a basic, safe stance (“I support the artists and ppl unfairly affected by this”) and you have ppl who have already sided Hybe or Kakao for whatever reason, but we’ll see if their reasonings get warped in any way when an influx of info like this gets thrown into the mix.


You think its chris lee? Behind chris is kakao execs telling him what to do. Kakao is notorious for mediaplay and manipulating news


as if hybe isn’t the same? yall already forgetting the 100+ articles all crowing that new jeans is ready to replace bts and hybe stock soaring. seriously company stans will be the death of bts


Why does what public think even matter. Whoever buys shares controls the company


how about you spend your own money to buy higher share than hybe??
‘i don’t like it’ isn’t gonna do anything. what bunch of kids throwing a tantrum lol

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Yeah as fans of hybe, I also agree kakao takes over sm. let them fall in the hands of chinese, maybe they can carry out their mission of turning kpop/cpop into asia pop. Can’t wait to see the destruction of their beloved agency.


Kakao is an awful company. Their only successful group is ive and that is mostly about Wonyoung, all starships other groups have failed.
These sm stans are so blinded by their hurt pride that they are literally going against the best thing for them.


I’ve is under starship’s though not directly relate to kakao. Kakao has IU which is very successful and also apink. Kakao also relates to music platform like melon, kakao talk(biggest chat app in sk).


Kakao doesn’t really have any direct idols tho, even IU is under a company like starship. Kakao still wrote tons of hate posts about other girl groups and wrote praise posts about IVE.


Thats like saying hybe has no artists bc they are all under sublabels of hybe


ive are over now ! newjeans beated them


What a nonsense, you just want to keep your pride and use chris lee excuse to validate it. Just look at the group under those two big corporation, and judge yourself which one get better treatment and promotion

Shu Yan

These fools😭😭😭😭


Give the people what they want. No one listens to SM groups besides RV anyway


can all of those big agency just throw SM, i hope they fully bankruptcy and all.of their idol just move or made their own agency instead? i really wish SM to ruin, deeply


Sm hags writing threads about monopoly but its not monopoly they are threatened by its hybe bc it hurts their pride the company of bts is going to take over. Its why they prefer an actual conglomerate that is actually way more of a monopoly to take over


Evils company finally collapse
Only fool will get use to SM propaganda

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I don’t like seeing rich people or corporations get bigger. I don’t like it even more to see super mega rich conglomerates get richer while already controlling the country so nope

Hi, I'm Guest

In my pov, tho I reluctantly want Hybe got anything to do w SM, I want HYBE win this war so I can say, “serve you right! Ohohohoo~” to SM stans. But also I want Kakao to win & then ruins SM as a whole so I can see the regrets from SM stans for ever wishing Kakao taking over the company & say “serve you right!!” right in front of their stupid faces 🤣🤣 either way, it’s a win for me. Ahh.. Still don’t like the idea of Hybe got anything to do with SM

Lazy Banana

Kakao and Tencent are celebrating rn lol


sm is a flop anyway lol

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