I’m most curious about which brand BTS Jin will be an ambassador for after being discharged from the army

Jewelry, beauty, fashion or anything

Oppa, please discharge from the army ♡

1. He suits Thom Browne so well

2. Thom Browne?

3. Hul he’s so handsome…

4. Thom Browne

5. He will be in his mid-30s after being discharged from the army, so Thom Browne is the perfect choice for him

6. Thom Browne is waiting for Jin to be discharged

7. The beauty brand that will really suit him

8. Thom Browne is perfect for him

9. Of course it’s Thom Browne

10. I think he would match Saint Laurent so well, and I’m really curious if he can shoot a lipstick commercial

11. Thom Browne, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger suit him so well

12. Thom Browne!!

13. Of course, it’s not official, but I often see him wearing Thom Browne fashion, so I’d like to see him with the new brand

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