I’m most curious about which brand BTS Jin will be an ambassador for after being discharged from the army

Jewelry, beauty, fashion or anything

Oppa, please discharge from the army ♡

1. He suits Thom Browne so well

2. Thom Browne?

3. Hul he’s so handsome…

4. Thom Browne

5. He will be in his mid-30s after being discharged from the army, so Thom Browne is the perfect choice for him

6. Thom Browne is waiting for Jin to be discharged

7. The beauty brand that will really suit him

8. Thom Browne is perfect for him

9. Of course it’s Thom Browne

10. I think he would match Saint Laurent so well, and I’m really curious if he can shoot a lipstick commercial

11. Thom Browne, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger suit him so well

12. Thom Browne!!

13. Of course, it’s not official, but I often see him wearing Thom Browne fashion, so I’d like to see him with the new brand

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Why are you describing jisoo here? None bts member except V (of course he can act) have been in drama/movie lol


Wrong place we’re talking about KIM SEOKJIN here not dozensoo


U are describing BP members, washing their manager’s feet 🤷‍♀️


why are you talking about blackpink


that’s your future’s daughter job


You guys are so idiot


comment 11 yep yep


And nothing wrong with that and we’ll love them the same

Taste that savage

So you accept that Jimin and Taehyung are women and jungkook is a man that wants to be a woman?

Color color stan and yg & teddy's 4 tramps

What’s wrong with being a woman? lol you self-hating btch. you think wanting to be a woman is bad? women are beautiful except maybe your seoul cycle favs, they’re a black mark on womanhood

Taste that savage

Women are beautiful but Jungloo is big and ugly and has too much muscles and neck too big 🤢🤢 but he’s growing his hair and trying to loose weight to look like his mid lookalike woman. He looks like those tran women that get angry of you call wrong pronoun “ITS MAM!”


you self-hating btch.” Literally youuu. You are the epitome of a hateful bitch who clearly lacks love from your family and friends


Perhaps victoria secret


then take your eyes out


starting to sound like that larry user

Color color stan and yg & teddy's 4 tramps

Look at the flop stand gathering on this post. yall just mad pannkpop won’t post an article about yall’s favs cause they don’t matter 😂 just make userposts, you can do it 😂


Thats jisoo


Alexander Mcqueen ,YSL, Thom Brown ,Gucci.. He will slay everything cuz my man is STUNNING !!!! .remember its just for fun he really doesnt need to do it . I personally think he will never do that. Just not his thing.He is not into superficial commercial things he said b4 he took Jin Ramen bcuz of his name. But let`s wait and see he may change or company force him.


My bet is on Giorgio Armani or Thom Browne.

pigmin jhorse ratjoon flopga hagjin jungcock slvthyung

no one. industry will dgaf abt this 7 idiots after the army.

Last edited 4 months ago by pigmin jhorse ratjoon flopga hagjin jungcock slvthyung

Do you really think industry is stupid to leave the side of our charismatic, wise, creative, intelligent Kim Seokjin with his Sweetest vocals, the type of personality that naturally belongs to entertainment industry and happens once in a lifetime ,and go to some flop generic boring idols that have no personality and r all the same? I know deep down u don`t hate Jin you just want more love for your fave. But u better convert to successful idols stan or u will always be sad and bitter.


One thing I learned as a stan of 4 years, The hate against Jin , the words they use r so FORCED, I sense that even the haters dont really hate him and have soft spot for him. They just put together shty things randomely to follow BTS hate trend as all kpoppies Lol.They keep pushing same old things like insisting on that~ hE CAN`T sing ~lol No brand new complaints, no nothing.


Agree with cmmt 11. Those seem like good options.




when his beautiful D1ck is more famous than your faves :))))


Jin looks younger and more handsome thank nosekook actually


Stop bringing hate to Jin you r clearly a hater


It’s true. Jin is having a glowup but every new photo I see of jk is horrible. That hair is not for him, his face is all wrinkled and bloated. I hope he’s doing well

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