“I’m sure V can’t handle Jennie” BLACKPINK Jennie gets criticized for her outfits and actions on stage these days

Is this Jennie?

[+490, -159]

1. [+565, -297] Jennie now, the hip feeling has disappeared and only the excessive and arrogant feeling remains..ㅠㅠ

2. [+384, -258] Seriously, her expressions are too much

3. [+322, -30] Why was she wearing a bra on stage?ㅜㅜ Aside from the concept, I don’t know if it’s pretty at all ㅜㅠㅠ I hope the other members show off their bodies a little less…

4. [+230, -69] Her style has become weird, but her face has also changed a bit…

5. [+150, -12] I wonder if V likes to see things like that… Even if he’s a celebrity, he wouldn’t like his girlfriend to do that

6. [+118, -7] Her lower body is full of fat but she insists on wearing pants like that every day

7. [+114, -5] Seeing her stage, I think Hyuna is really talented on stage

8. [+58, -4] Even when she doesn’t do anything, she’s still stylish and attractive.. Why does she keep acting like that?

9. [+39, -2] I was surprised that she looked cheap without being stylish, idols should attract people with their luxurious beauty

10. [+35, -14] If Sunmi or Hyuna did it, it would be sexy, but if Jennie did it, it wouldn’t be sexy at all

11. [+33, -6] I feel bad watching this

12. [+28, -2] It’s like she’s trying to look sexy?

13. [+26, -5] She’s about to turn 30, is she crazy?

14. [+25, -0] I’m sure V can’t handle Jennie

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