In any awards ceremony, Daesang is a battle between NewJeans, Seventeen, and Jungkook

If you deny this, it’s just you being jealous

1. That’s right…I think the three of them will share it

2. I’m not sure about Jungkook because it’s not an album

3. They are all HYBE idols

4. Meanwhile, the amazing thing is that NewJeans is the only female idol, the other two are also really excellent

5. HYBE is amazing

6. They’re all from HYBE, crazy

7. This is true for awards ceremonies that are given based on scores

8. Seoul Music Awards will 100% give it to NCT

9. It will just be a battle between the three of them

10. I agree

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They’re forgetting about IVE, but Seventeen and New Jeans are a shoe in.

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