In YG’s new group survival show, this is the member who has the highest probability of being chosen


She sings as good as the main vocal + But her face is also at the level of the main visual

Yang Hyun Suk likes her, saying that she’s the ‘kid with a lot of talents’

It seems that everyone who watches BaeMon considers Ahyeon as the confirmed member

1. I don’t know that member, but I hate that Yang Hyun Suk decided on the member of this groupㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. I think it’s cruel to eliminate the members right before debut

3. I think Ahyeon will be chosen, but everyone is so good that I wonder who will be eliminated

4. There are only three Koreans among them, so of course they won’t abandon them

5. Wow, she gives me goosebumps. It’s now the 15th year of her life, but how did she get that kind of skill?

6. She sings so well, Kang Seungyoon was surprised that it’s been a long time since he heard such a powerful voice among female idols

7. It’s a group that can’t exist without her

8. Anyone can see that she is the best

9. I think it’ll be fine if all 7 of them debut together

10. She’s good at singing, she’s good at rapping, she’s good at dancing, she’s good at everything

11. She sings well, she’s Korean, right?

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