Industry insiders predict 2023 will be the year of boy groups

2023 is the year of boy groups… 5th generation rookie groups debut

If 2022 is the year of girl groups, 2023 is predicted to be the year of boy groups

There are more than 10 new groups to debut from 4 big companies (HYBE, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment) and 7 of them are boy groups

1. 5th generation?

2. How can people call them 5th generation?

3. Which 5th generation? Male idols are still in the 4th generation

4. You decide the generation at will?

5. I still feel like male idols haven’t started the 4th generation yet

6. Isn’t it still 4th generation…? The gap between 1st and 2nd generation is about 10 years

7. Isn’t the 4th generation just getting started…?

8. Male idols haven’t even started their 4th generation yet

9. I’m looking forward to how well rookie boy groups will do next year

10. I think we should call the 4th generation the 3.5th generation

11. Where is the 5th generation?

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Isn’t each generation a decade??? Why it seems the generations getting shorter and shorter

Henecia Amino

It’s not Second gen lasted around 7 years. 3rd gen around 6. There’s no way we’re already in 5th gen.


Ok so who decides when the generations end? What’s the benchmark? Cus it seems weird that no one can ever really say when in starts or stops for sure


The companies lol. They want a new generation to start so they can start calling the achievements “first 5th gen”


but isn’t that thing only started in 4th gen? I don’t remember seeing it in previous generations… (or maybe my memory is bad)


Typically you can tell…there is a cycle or some catalyst that will mark a new gen.

Mahidevran Sultan

3rd gen: 2012-2017, so 4th gen will be 2018-2023. So the next year will be the last year of 4th gen

Teenaged puppy

New generations come out like new iPhones


Out of curiosity, are these the same people who have been predicting for years who will be the next BTS?


Not sure , insiders can be anyone , hard to guess if they’re the same as the one who predicts the next BTS


They will have to dream for years. Because only BTS or members can beat BTS 😅


yeah I think 2023 will be the year of bg too, few big companies said they will debut their bgs next year so we can assume that the competition for roty 2023 at least gonna be intense.

But I wonder who will capture the k-gp’s interest like what these 4th gen ggs doing rn, I think international fanbases are confirm to be at least strong since most people are tuning in for big companies’ bgs so I wonder if it’s possible one of them gonna smash k-charts too

But mmmm not sure if we can call it 5th gen yet , I think we’re still on 4th gen tho


It’ll continue to be 4th gen gg without BTS 🙄


Isn’t it too quick for 5th gen? Cause 4th gen still haven’t dominated the market entirely. 3rd gen are still thriving hard. And from this year onwards it actually looked like the starting of 4th gen. And now you’re telling me that next year is 5th gen like wtf??!


I think there is 4 or 5 more years for 4th gen in industry before the 5th gen arrival. Cause seriously I can’t name one legendary artist of 4th gen like how we can say about 1st 2nd and 3rd gen. And no just cause they had great song or year under their belt doesn’t mean they are on the level of legendary artists 1st 2nd and 3rd gen holds. So no I don’t think 5th gen will arrive this soon. I mean 4th gen still needs to mark there spaces in kpop because there are still 3rd gen grps thriving hard.


It’s funny how companies want badly for a new gen to start because the records set by 3rd gen is impossible to achieve. They want that “first 5th gen group..” just like how most 4th gen achievements are like that.


The fifth generation will not start until the fourth generation dies down and the fourth just started about three years ago. We got at least three/four more years of the fourth generation. So any male group that debuts next year will STILL be a part of the fourth generation.


They are saying this bc bts gonna enlist so they think now other bgs have a chance lmaoo… but its gonna be bts and ggs for years.


Keep dreaming no one care about NCT48


Nope…it will still be ggs. Only reason they say it is bc bts group activities are on hold but none of the urrent bgs have that extra factor. Personalities fake, music is mid at best and freaking trainwreck of noise at worst. Some of these groups try too hard to adopt BTS personas so it comes off insincere and fake…like just act like yourself but i guess if some did that ppl would see they are terrible ppl. Former scammers and bullies in the mix.

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