Industry officials predict that YG will not renew contract with BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK’s contract renewal… Is it an impossible dream?

The current world tour is the last official activity of BLACKPINK (Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, Lisa) before renewing the contract with YG. How will the negotiation between YG and BLACKPINK come to an end?

When considering the opinions of industry officials, there are many opinions regarding not renewing the contract. There are too many obstacles to coming to contract renewal. If you look at YG’s contract renewal years in the past, there’s a hint. BLACKPINK debuted in 2016. That year was also the time when 2NE1 renewed their contract. BLACKPINK debuted on August 8 of that year, and 2NE1’s group activities ended on November 25 of the same year. As a result, YG didn’t hold back with 2NE1 but put all their efforts into the new girl group BLACKPINK

This is the debut year of YG’s new girl group, Baby Monster. On the other hand, BLACKPINK is at the time of contract renewal

Once BLACKPINK leaves YG, they won’t be able to use the group name BLACKPINK

1. Anyone who sees it thinks they’ll definitely renew their contract

2. I don’t like YG, but it’s perfect for BLACKPINK

3. From YG’s point of view, they won’t give up on BLACKPINK who make money for them and other companies can’t handle BLACKPINK unless they’re big, so they’ll renew their contracts

4. Oh please, I wish they went to another agency ㅠㅠ I like BLACKPINK, not YG

5. I guess it’s because 2NE1 was abandoned, so I’m afraid it will happen again

6. As long as Teddy doesn’t break up with YG, I think BLACKPINK will renew their contract

7. Do you really think YG will put their faith in the upcoming girl group and give up on BLACKPINK?

8. I want to see BLACKPINK for a long time regardless of any company

9. There’s no better place than YG… They’re renewing their contract

10. BLACKPINK is doing really well right now so I think YG will do their best to renew their contract

11. I think the value of each member will be higher when they are in BLACKPINK

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I mean there were rumors of transfer to TBL. If BP doesnt stay with YG or TBL then I can see them going with an american label if they decide to stick to OT4


american labels are sneaky, some artists are stuck in their 360 deal. if they do better hope they have a good lawyer so they don’t end up in debt


i don’t think they can compared 2ne1 and blackpink situation though, YG not completely abandoned blackpink and they’ve got no big scandal so far while YG abandoned 2ne1 for years, plus blackpink got a big fandom i don’t think they’re going to let go blackpink just like that, maybe blackpink going to renew for 2 or 5 years or move to tbl


Rose seem have started hanging out alot more with western artists. Recently, she attended beyonce-jay z grammy brunch. I think she is trying to find US label to sign with. Even if she renew, she may sign double contracts who can handle her promo as solo artist in US. Comments above all from fans n YG perspectives. At the end of day, its about what the girls want. Even they renew, i dont think they gonna active as a group as much. I also remember i saw that lisa said, she prefer fans only remember about their glory days. So, wont be suprised if they think this year is perfect year to be their last active year as a group.


if they do resign idk how lisa could still trust that company when her manager robbed her of money. even if rose did renew she’s still going to be stuck in the same situation of having less solo music like yg would accept her to do a 1st album due to renewing but right after that is crickets. with jennie I feel like she thinks she’s meant to be with yg, she doesn’t trust any company to manage her unless a western company offers her one but also looking if her acting career in America hits it off & well with jisoo, she’s going to transfer with yg actors


The thing with lisa, she lack of motivation to do solo music. She loves performing of course, but the way she talked about her solo, its just feel she got forced to do it just for the sake of it. Her music even very similar with bp. So, i think she still gonna renew with YG. I think she only cares to perform only n seem loyal with bp. She even look more interested to be mentor, dance performance director too. I can see only rose leaving. Jennie if she really no longer interested to be idol n want to be hollywood actress. But jisoo may leaving IF she found being under YG make her feel restricted to choose acting role. Being friend with got7 jinyoung may influence her what she thinks about her acting career as jinyoung has left JYP n even more active as actor ever since then. But jisoo n lisa are the the members that least potential to leave.

White cat

Nope they will either stay or just transfer next door to the black label.


yg won’t let it happen because the black label is going to form independently while yg is only going to have shares


They are too broke to hold these girls nways, deserve

It is what it is

I don’t think BP will renew, not because YG may abandon them to focus on Baby monsters, but because they’ll ask for more money/activities/promotions/freedom etc than YG can give.
Besides, as a group, they don’t have as many activities as solo artist. Rosé and Jennie know a lot of people in the industry. Lisa is practically socialité too. I’m sure Jisoo could become a serious actress or do music in SK


YG depends of blackpink, the new contracts has to be good enough to stay
The real issue here is if YG can offer the four of them a good deal cuz maybe theres others companies with better deals (individual or group) and if the girls want to stay with them

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Why is this phrased as if YG is the one who gets to chose to throw Blackpink away or not? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Blackpink members are the ones with power in this situation. Each individual member has accumulated enough wealth and influence that they can chose to walk if they want to and their fans will go right along with them,


From their docu we know they have not been happy with yg and only like Teddy so it’s possible some leave the company but struck a deal to keep blackpink alive and not disband


Im not a fan od them but i have lived through enough contract renewal periods to know that most idols choose to renew or not based on what a company could do in the future for them and not on what it has done. Many idols dont renew because the plans the companies have for them is not what they want.


BP is YG breadwinner for making ton of money also popularity, not just in music but also in fashion industry. YG wont want lose BP, except BP members themself dont want renew their contract with YG n go to other label. But seems BP comfortable with YG too. I am sure 100% they renew their contract with YG. But if they dont, it will a quite shock for me lol but i am sure both BP n YG will stay together. But seems when YG new GG is debuting, BP members will focused for their solo project once again.


Haha we’ll see, these girls are done pretending to care about music so they’ll probably just run off to be models and then fade out in 2-3 years when they hit 26 and the modeling industry considers them geriatric.


The girls are on their sold out world tour dumbfuck, do they model there?


They are all older than 26. What you on about?


We all know they’re going to disband lol. They will be irrelevant models for 2-3 years then jennie will become gd’s housewife


The only one going to disband is your fave ratmy


as if 😂 our faves will here 4ever
stay pressed


Worry about jungc0ck being deep inside twinkhyung


worry about yourself first


To think someone release this news to manipulate stock price so they can buy it below market value lol

How stupid Kpop fans

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