Industry officials say that Jennie decided to appear in ‘The Idol’ on her own and YG didn’t interfere

[Exclusive] “Jennie made her own choice… YG didn’t interfere” Controversy behind her appearances in ‘The Idol’

According to entertainment industry officials on the 7th, Jennie decided to appear in ‘The Idol’ after receiving an offer from American singer The Weeknd, the producer of ‘The Idol’. While there’s public opinion that YG is responsible for Jennie’s appearance in ‘The Idol’, the person involved said that Jennie’s decision to appear in ‘The Idol’ was purely Jennie’s will

1. But has the contract between BLACKPINK and YG expired? I really don’t like the way YG reacts to BLACKPINK’s issues these daysㅋㅋ

2. The Weeknd needs to be scolded again

3. No, she’s an adult and she didn’t shoot nude scenes, so what’s the problem?

4. What? Are they blaming the agency for this?

5. From the beginning the drama was rated 19+ and Jennie is also an adult, so I don’t understand why this is controversialㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. She wanted to increase her influence in the US, so she worked with a famous artist, and the result was a failure, right?

7. Someone asked YG to explain? They are ruining her

8. It’s not the company’s fault, if you’re at Jennie’s level, you have the right to choose

9. Why is YG being criticized? With Jennie’s level, I’m not surprised, Jennie isn’t young and she’s not a rookie anymore

10. It’s just that Jennie’s taste is like this…

11. YG really can’t work.. What are you doing? What the hell are you doing?

12. I don’t understand why they posted this article. The agency has to protect the singers anyway, they should be criticized

13. Jennie is not a kid, she’s an adult, and she has to make her own choices

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Sluttt Jennieeee. A bitchhhh.


And he gonna breakup with her eventually once honeymoon love phase over. I bet he just realized how jennie in oversea. In korea, keep pretending like “shy” girl lol.


Definitely not jenhag


gd and teddy’s already go d1cked down

Karina melon

Jenp0rn in your area 😍


Why would u even think YG will interfere?

Is she a underage kid to interfere every now and then.

Not a big fan of the she was in, but it wasn’t even that bad. Other idols have done worst. So yeah…..?


Companies sometimes do interfere on choosing any individual projects of idols. Jype refused to let Jeongyeon act in a drama when it was offered and Jeong herself wanted to do it. Not to mention according to rumors Jype themselves are not letting Twice members like Nayeon Sana being the ambassadors for brands like LV and Prada when when Vogue France themselves released an article from Prada sources saying that Prada wants to make Sana the new Face of their brand globally. Not even an ambassador but Face of the brand. But there is still not confirmation from there side. And that article is still up.

YG is saint (idk why I am saying this) but yes they are a saint if you look at other companies who themselves create a blockage on their idol careers. They let her choose what she wanted to do and didn’t cause any hindrance. So I can see why they said this because things like this will obviously portray themselves bad in the market and affect their stocks.


Why i feel like the reason gd not yet renewing due to jennie. The fact that YG said its not their fault this time regarding this idol series but its jennie decision show that they actually dont really care as much of her. This interesting. Whats that mean for bp as a group contract?


There are rumors that he sold his stocks of YG too. I mean I don’t like that man but he seems kind of intelligent. He should just go and date woman of his age, which are not less in the industry be works in. And to be noticed he have also kind of become quite nice looking after the break up rumors from her. He seems much more particular about his surroundings which is an excellent thing. The rumors are saying he might leave YG all together and bulid up his own company or join some good hip hop label.


Idols who did worse are criticized to this day and forever they will. What they did will not make her deed right. She was also disgusting for being a part on that show and that’s it. Now stop babying her. She is not a baby.


taehyung has nothing to do with seoul cycle


I agree they r dating but stop attaching everything jk or rm do towards that relationship, jk himself is the gobal ambassador of ck so he has to attend. Jk is his own individuality so don’t use his work to prove ur point, leave jk alone

Guest man

I just said as a point. I don’t even stan her or bp. Not ever after what she has done. But people still living in delusion about them really dating each other is not right. Okay JK is also CK ambassador so he has to stay. I agree with this. But is RM also an ambassador of that brand? I don’t think so. But he was also present there. So…it just proves they all know each other and we can’t deny that. I mean it’s not wrong of female and male idols being friends with each other. He is also friends with Nayeon from Twice. I am not hating on either of them btw. Don’t misunderstand me.


People suddenly cannot work in the same industry and be colleagues 🥴🥴💀 y’all r freaks and u need to leave tae, jk, Joon and the rest of the members alone. Always trying to connect them to those four girls

Guest man

No one is trying to connect them, when they are openly meeting each other in public. Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean your idols doesn’t too. If you people have this much problem with them then tell your boys to stop roaming around with them or attending each other events too if possible. It’s not my problem of I am just starting out an obvious fact and you people are just blinded by delusion because of that. I mean BTS often are going around with problematic people more than the unproblematic ones. So I am not really surprised if members have a taste dating such people too. Only Jin and Yoongi seems to be the ones who are minding their own buisness if I am being honest and maybe Jimin too until he decided to have a Collab with those convicted r@pists. I didnt wanted to say all these things but BTS are not exactly saints too. If you are so much blinded by your love for them that you can’t see their problematic actions then it’s not my problem. Have a good day. I was not going to bring BTS here but you seriously pissed me off.


Jenhag is with GD and kai
Therefore, the fad= GD and Kai


Lmaooo so she CHOSE to be in this disgusting piece of a series….she really doesn’t hv any self respect left.


Defending rape fantasy and glorified porn just because jenfad is back up dance number 5 in the show??!!!? lmfaooooo

Guest man

Why are the themselves setting her up for hate like this…
This thing just fvcking clears that this woman literally on her free will decided to act in such a grotesque drama if the year…

Guest man

I thought she was YG princess or something.


Her being able to do and get whatever she wants without being restricted is a princess thing, she is a YG princess


She seem no longer it in recent years.


She’s a desperate used up cumrag, and people wanna be all surprised when she chooses roles specifically made for desperate used up cumrags???


Idky people were blaming yg like they forced her to be in the show when she’s the most valuable idol in the company. She’s also the so called “it girl” in korea.

We all know she agreed to be in it bc she loved sam levinsons work, the weeknd is dating her white friend, and the cast is starring some popular singers/actors, which she is using to gain western validation and as an advantage to further her career.

Stop making excuses for her. She knows exactly what she’s getting herself into and what it means for her image. She does not give a f about what anyone thinks. She only cares about her own self-interests.

whorennie era

she literally praised sam levinson for being a “genius”, said she’s a fan of his work and literally accepted starring in the idol because levinson is the one working on it. yet her fans are trying to brainwash everyone into thinking she had no idea what she was getting herself into. bunch of clowns.


I hope korea reliazed that how wild jennie in oversea. That humping gesture she did in idol, she did pretty same when she in after party too. Thats what she always do but they always see her “shy” image in korea lol.


so are we going to have a weekly idol posts here and weekly slutshaming session here since the dancing scene in the episode 1 is not the only vulgar, explicit scenes Jennie had in the series? Gosh, what Jennie got herself into, she is so desperate for western clout. She deserved all these lashings.


I think it’s better if we just stop interacting with her posts from now onwards only. She is literally just doing this for engagement doesn’t matter whether its negative or positive and we are giving her that.


Also I don’t agree with all this slvt shaming. Yes her decisions are fvcking wrong but people writing all these disgusting comments here are also not doing anything right.


Saying this while blinks cannot go an hour without wishing rape and death on BTS members? Those girls get dragged because you freaks cannot keep BTS name outta your mouths. You’re no victims and neither is fadnnie.


This only ep1…. Damn whats more in next ep tskkkk. All for weStern ValiDation she wants so bad lol.

but I wasn’t done…

They want to blame everyone but Jennie for her involvement. She fucked around and now it’s time to find out what western validation can do to you


There’s honestly nothing wrong with acting in an 18+ series. It’s just Sam is a weirdo and the series gives rape fantasy. She made the wrong call and yes she should receive criticism but people are doing way too much.


People should focus on real issues but they are engaging that time on slvtshaming her. It’s fvcking weird. what we should ask is that why she signed something like this on first place on which women are being degraded and shown like objects. And people are literally doing that here.


agree, criticism is one thing but calling her all these names is just uncalled for. It speaks volume about their actual purpose which is to slutshame her. I’ve seen criminals getting called less horrendous names than all these things they’re calling her


seoul cycle is cycling worldwide


Whorenie getting her overdue lashings

Ladyboy lisa

It’s just her taste 😅 why bother? She’s known as global cycle 😂


You mean global whore 😅


Kpop radar just updated and Jennie lost 12K followers on Instagram instead of gaining. Deserved. Her downfall is happening.


Not uglies saying tae go b1tch she a known HO3 in the kpop industry stop playing yall saw a blurry video and more blurry pic and y’all claim it is her and v

Karina melon

Thanks god kai broke up with her.. Cheap wh0r3.. Her image really different with krystal


she’s a slut so she’ll choose to act in a slut movies


Gurl said in an interview dhe immediately sogned up when she heard sam levinson was involved. All the blonks trying to sweep that under the rug but her association with these really disgusting men i.e. alexander wang is one thing but her defense and continuous praise of them deserves dragging

Jinja 헐

Slujennie going global lol Don’t sweep under the rug, that she herself said she is a fan of Levinson work. Now it just shows clearly what she is. And not surprised coming from a blackpink member. Lisa ain’t far behind, rubbing herself on a strip pole during her “Money”solo stage and thinks she’s dancing. I unstaned them as they turned into softporn insta influencers, it’s not like they’re an epitome for hardwork or creativity.

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