Industry officials say that Jennie decided to appear in ‘The Idol’ on her own and YG didn’t interfere

[Exclusive] “Jennie made her own choice… YG didn’t interfere” Controversy behind her appearances in ‘The Idol’

According to entertainment industry officials on the 7th, Jennie decided to appear in ‘The Idol’ after receiving an offer from American singer The Weeknd, the producer of ‘The Idol’. While there’s public opinion that YG is responsible for Jennie’s appearance in ‘The Idol’, the person involved said that Jennie’s decision to appear in ‘The Idol’ was purely Jennie’s will

1. But has the contract between BLACKPINK and YG expired? I really don’t like the way YG reacts to BLACKPINK’s issues these daysㅋㅋ

2. The Weeknd needs to be scolded again

3. No, she’s an adult and she didn’t shoot nude scenes, so what’s the problem?

4. What? Are they blaming the agency for this?

5. From the beginning the drama was rated 19+ and Jennie is also an adult, so I don’t understand why this is controversialㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. She wanted to increase her influence in the US, so she worked with a famous artist, and the result was a failure, right?

7. Someone asked YG to explain? They are ruining her

8. It’s not the company’s fault, if you’re at Jennie’s level, you have the right to choose

9. Why is YG being criticized? With Jennie’s level, I’m not surprised, Jennie isn’t young and she’s not a rookie anymore

10. It’s just that Jennie’s taste is like this…

11. YG really can’t work.. What are you doing? What the hell are you doing?

12. I don’t understand why they posted this article. The agency has to protect the singers anyway, they should be criticized

13. Jennie is not a kid, she’s an adult, and she has to make her own choices

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