Interview by LE SSERAFIM who said that they were inspired by Rosalia

1. What are they talking about?

-> In the group there are many members who like the Latin element, when they were asked if there is a Latin artist that inspires them, most of the LE SSERAFIM members answered Rosalia

2. Isn’t that a reference or an homage when they mention Rosalia in an interview like this??

3. Their fans have said that it’s not a reference and that they don’t look alike at all, but they can’t remember what their singers said.. They are shameless..

4. I thought it was a pity that singers don’t know and just do what they’re told, but it’s not…

5. It’s HYBE’s fault

6. They are the ambassadors of Rosalia

7. Paying homage to singers of the same generation..? They should pay homage to the singers of the previous generation…ㅋㅋㅋ

8. When other foreign groups copy LE SSERAFIM, I wonder if the fans will be okay

9. So they know they’re copying Rosalia?

10. I’m really disappointed with them

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