Interview by LE SSERAFIM who said that they were inspired by Rosalia

1. What are they talking about?

-> In the group there are many members who like the Latin element, when they were asked if there is a Latin artist that inspires them, most of the LE SSERAFIM members answered Rosalia

2. Isn’t that a reference or an homage when they mention Rosalia in an interview like this??

3. Their fans have said that it’s not a reference and that they don’t look alike at all, but they can’t remember what their singers said.. They are shameless..

4. I thought it was a pity that singers don’t know and just do what they’re told, but it’s not…

5. It’s HYBE’s fault

6. They are the ambassadors of Rosalia

7. Paying homage to singers of the same generation..? They should pay homage to the singers of the previous generation…ㅋㅋㅋ

8. When other foreign groups copy LE SSERAFIM, I wonder if the fans will be okay

9. So they know they’re copying Rosalia?

10. I’m really disappointed with them

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free le sserafim lmao unforgiven era already stepping on these lewsers toes 😭


there’s a new post accusing the famous niel rogers of plagiarism all because the critics were praising the song.. just because of the title “unforgiven” & the praise for a party song that the gp would love. isn’t that insane?


i’m sorry but this is stupid, so-called people are really trying to bring them down when rosalia didn’t invent anything. The women that produced ‘antifragile’ was 2 latina women who had worked with rosalia. also she’s not even latina. koreans are d*ckriding her so bad right now because of bp like they even bringing their newest song ‘unforgiven’ produced by the famous niel rogers & accusing him of doing plagiarism just because critics are praising the song & it’s a club grooving song.


Knetz are stupid lol. Are they blind? Isabella lovestory is involved with both rosalia and lesserafim. And rosalia is not even latina lol

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Literally most of Latino music sounds the same, the unforgiven snippet doesn’t even sound like reggaeton, but seems like k-Metz had no idea reggaeton exist in the first place.

Also Rosalia isn’t even Latina, she’s profiting from a music and culture that isn’t even hers lol.

Color color stans and yg & teddy's 4 seoul cycles

Lol it looks like kakao money is working, so many posts about this issue

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