Irene and Suho are dating?

[+92, -88]

1. [+177, -2] It was the day they held the K-pop festival in the UK, both Red Velvet and Suho appeared there

2. [+164, -23] Aren’t they both 32 years old..? If they’re commoners, they’re old enough to get married, so leave them alone

3. [+121, -12] They’re old, leave them alone

4. [+87, -56] I’m surprised that he looks like an ajusshi

5. [+71, -1] But even if their schedules in the UK overlap, won’t the two meet?? I know Suho, Seulgi, and Wendy went together

6. [+38, -28] Why is Suho dating a gangster woman?

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