Is 1st place a punishment? The encore stage of the music show became the idol’s mousetrap

Is 1st place a punishment..? The encore stage of the music show became the idol’s mousetrap

The encore stage for 1st place on music shows is holding back idols. As the place to be congratulated and enjoyed by fans has changed to the place to judge idols’ singing skills, it seems that the anxiety and pressure about the encore stage is increasing

1. It’s weird that singers can’t even sing their own songs;

2. They are singers, but singing is punishment?

3. If you look at this, idols are not singers these days, they are more like influencers

4. It’s punishment for idols who can’t sing. Idols with good skills sing while dancing

5. They are singers, but singing live is punishment. What does this mean?

6. If singing is considered punishment then you shouldn’t be a singer

7. But why didn’t they mention Jimin in the article?

8. If the encore stage is punishment, then you shouldn’t release an album

9. Stop beating TWICE

10. Jimin is the most shocking.. I was shocked to think that he’s a member of BTS

11. Jimin and Kang Daniel shocked me the most

12. Why are there only female idols ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Among the recent encores, the one that shocked me the most is Jimin ㅋㅋ

13. Both groups in the picture do better than Jimin

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Blackpink the youtube slaves

Its only a punishment for group that cant sing like bp. Luckily for them they always lose against rookie so they don’t have to do an encore


Blackpink is getting praised whenever they do encore unlike PIGMIN getting dragged for his mickey mouse vocals lmfao. He knows he sucks at singing live that’s why he kept doing other things or just cry on stage


Ugh…paid hater. Go cry on your poor life. You didn’t even make many dollars with your job as a hater


what kind of insult is this are you like 12 lol. weak.


Blackpink always lipsync, even during Coachella lmao their encore are not live

realest out here. and FUCK LARRY.

getting “praised” for their backtrack and yall being loud and proud about it while shitting on artists who have problems with their inears while actually singing live *since they’re not running from the mic for a living* is CRAZY 💀


What did Jimin and Daniel do?
Is their a video available


You can search it on youtube and hear how terrible they’re during encores


Search on youtube, it’s going to be fun


2nd gen groups would not survive this era man , the way groups back then have like 2-3 members that are just filler members 😭 like they’re not that great at singing but they have good variety skills or dance skill like idk why this current gen’s fans seems to going backward tho.

Is it because the ‘trendy’ top groups rn are not vocally amazing? Then isn’t that knetz’ fault too for always prioritizing their visuals and makes visual posts 10 times a day ?

Logic Thinker

Encore stages were made for fans to enjoy in a funny way now… we have this sht


Nah all people involved sing just fine with occasional hickups.
Not anyone’s fault that when you’re listening to the song on Spotify you can’t hear the way an artist sings.
I can immediately know what to expect in live performance especially if they are singing from the head.


Jimin made it into the debut line by luck. He wouldn’t have stood a chance otherwise. 10 years into his career as a singer yet can’t even sing a single correct note. His voice sounds like a sheep too. The way his fans defend such a voice is so ridiculous


Not sheep, more like Mickey Mouse. Voice is extremely squeaky and off tune. Anyone objective will hear it


At least he got his successful career, riches and gold at a young age of under 30. Unlike you. A flop in real life, so you hate everybody whom you didn’t even know.


? By luck ? He’s a great dancer, please I know that encore is bad but let’s not lie that he’s not talented in any other areas ??? Since 1st gen, all idol groups have like members who are more skilled in vocals and a bit lacking in dance and there are members who skilled in dance but lacking a bit in singing. That’s why groups are formed at the first place because they complete each other.


One day of bad voice equal to his lifetime career??? He had been singing on many encore stages. From INU, BST, BWL, many other bts songs. Never miss the note. You dragged him as if there’s no other singer whose voice didn’t crack once. You cursed him as if HE NEVER EVER SING THE RIGHT NOTE ALL THESE 10 YEARS. Just go and say you are a pure hater bitch!


Your’re a sheep here.


Jimin’s fans like him because he is a twink, not because of his singing ability.


Well tbh some of them were having some in-ear problems.


Search girls’ generation encore, they sang without in-ear just fine


oh look, another hate post 🤩


What hate post?? Some idols can’t sing in the encores it’s a fact

demy if knetz never say hate comments to twice, snsd at their early career, and exo too. Lets be honest, if its not bts, would u ever existed in this web? Nope…you got paid bcs of BTS.

WhatsThe Point

More like y’all sucked the fun out of these encores and idols.. cuz back then they used to have fun on stage nowadays they’re scared y’all will drag them to death


I mean also back then, they had to sing without AR or backing vocals so they actually could sing and didn’t have to worry about encore stages and could just have fun


they are only scared bc they know they are bad. it’s not the public’s fault.


jimin’s fans don’t like this post

Jon Xina

Just do what BP and SM groups do and lip sync behind massive back track.


“SM groups” lol who


BP doing interactions with each other and talk in between the encore, they did sing live in their encore, not backtrack. I know you want BP to get dragged by knetz for their encores but it’s not going to happen cause knetz are on their side, they love BP encores


Bitchass have you ever seen nct127 live singing or not? They are one of the best live singers out there. And you are just a dvmb hater.

Jon Xina

IzOne fans started this shite of hunting peoples encore stages which is actually funny that LSF members like Sakura and Chaewon and Ive Wonny get toasted every comeback for not being able to sing lol


jimin has done 10x more perfect live stages than kpop’s fav vocalists. hes done concerts where we hear how good he sounds live. he’s not like the other artists who would only sing in the studio and lip sync with loud backtracks for the rest of their 4 year career then move to mediocre acting and/or lame variety. not to mention the very next day, he showed an excellent encore live singing. no matter how many times u guys make posts like these, truth is, it dont matter. bts have already marked their places in the history of music. they are the legendary artists that would be remembered and celebrated 50years later. these petty “he cant sing” “he cant dance” shit will never work and as an army, im secure in that. bts are the top artists right now. respected by their seniors and juniors alike in every industry.
in 5 years time, bts would still be doing sold out stadium tours whilst gp will give up on 4th gen and move onto 5th. just like what they did to 3rd gen. and thats the power of fandom love.
all in all, u internet vocal coaches and keyboard warriors dont mean anything in the real world.


lmao u lot in the comments really working over time. but downvotes wont change the fact that… this dont matter irl. a week after u tried to force the hate, my man broke records hitting #1 on bb hot 100. 🤕🤕🤕 ur words are just bad karma accumulating for ur own faves. 🤕


Really do you believe that what you say


yep! n ive been here long enough to know that ppl like u are desperately wanting to believe that u or ur words mean something


Its truuuue….jimin had been doing encore more than 10 times in his 10 years career as BTS. But once bad voice day, made all haters acted as if he never sung live and never heard his voice all this time. They acted so surprised. What a joke !!! They just want to find a reason to hate on BTS ans Jimin


Difference with encore before is he is with other members who cover his fraudulent a$$, when he’s alone, he’s nothing but pure embarrasment to entire kpop and korea


relax a little love, i can sense ur blood pressure increasing through the screen 😟😟 it must be depressing to see that ur words do not mean anything in the real world :(((
it must also hurt to see that bts members esp jimin does not care ab what u lot say and is not affected by ur hate


The meaning of the encore stage at the end of a music show has shifted tho, in the past it was a just moment of interaction between the idols and their fans, the group who wins will do what his promised when taking first place, it was never been a serious thing, it’s more like fan-services, the time between idols and their fans who came.

Last edited 6 months ago by Whatever

Lmao comments spilled so hard. Jimin really was shocking, to think he is part of BTS, it’s embarassing up to the highest level


Actually not. Embarassing to who ? We real armys love him so much. And his album sales alone is a proof! more than 1,5 Millions album sold. I want to be an embarassment too if I can make money as much as Jimin.


Embarassing to people who have ears. No doubt on army’s love, coz if you guys dont theres no way that mickey mouse autotune can have a 10yr career. 1.5 million album bought not by gp but massbought by fandom lmao be for real what is there to be proud of? Everything he has is purely from fraud


To all the haters who dragged jimin endlessly because one time mistake. Just make your favs sing live first, then you could compare to the many encores stage Jimin did throughout his 10 years career. At least Jimin didn’t lipsync all the time.


Army became a fan because of face and NOT skill, I’m not surprised


It’s crazy how the female idols are the ones who are taking the beating, but Ji Min…he’s been in the industry for a decade and sounded like he did. I agree Twice should’ve been in the article as their encore was the catalyst for all this but Ji Min as a senior idol at this point should not have been sounding the way he did in the industry.

BTS AV Director

Imagine the mic but as a phallic shape object, that would be good in my AV. Jimin would be the best person to act in my AV due to his encore skill.


When will fvcking antis stop spitting out Twice names everytime. It’s been ages. Leave female idols alone. Talk about males now. I thought you people were pro female rights or something.

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