Is 1st place a punishment? The encore stage of the music show became the idol’s mousetrap

Is 1st place a punishment..? The encore stage of the music show became the idol’s mousetrap

The encore stage for 1st place on music shows is holding back idols. As the place to be congratulated and enjoyed by fans has changed to the place to judge idols’ singing skills, it seems that the anxiety and pressure about the encore stage is increasing

1. It’s weird that singers can’t even sing their own songs;

2. They are singers, but singing is punishment?

3. If you look at this, idols are not singers these days, they are more like influencers

4. It’s punishment for idols who can’t sing. Idols with good skills sing while dancing

5. They are singers, but singing live is punishment. What does this mean?

6. If singing is considered punishment then you shouldn’t be a singer

7. But why didn’t they mention Jimin in the article?

8. If the encore stage is punishment, then you shouldn’t release an album

9. Stop beating TWICE

10. Jimin is the most shocking.. I was shocked to think that he’s a member of BTS

11. Jimin and Kang Daniel shocked me the most

12. Why are there only female idols ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Among the recent encores, the one that shocked me the most is Jimin ㅋㅋ

13. Both groups in the picture do better than Jimin

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