Is BLACKPINK Jennie really pretty?

Is Jennie really pretty?…ㅋㅋㅋ

She’s not ugly, but she’s not pretty either, right?

[+521, -544]

1. [+326, -66] Jennie is f*cking pretty

2. [+318, -64] I was shocked when I saw this

3. [+222, -259] This picture was uploaded by a fan. Honestly, she doesn’t look pretty. Of course, that’s my opinion

4. [+126, -74] Honestly, for female idols.. Her face is too normal

5. [+48, -10] I was surprised when I saw this picture…

6. [+43, -6] Jisoo is the only one who is pretty in BLACKPINK

7. [+33, -5] Honestly, Jisoo is so pretty. For Jennie, it’s because fans keep pushing her

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UglyWh0r3.. 😂 Just jendog saying that her pretty 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂


Have some shame crazy ****


And this jobless bitch is obsesive to Jennie. Because of her insecurities.

But I wasn’t done

#7 gets it. She is pushed by fans and her company but she’s not really a visual.


she was never pushed as a visual but as the group’s center and it’s always been clear within the fandom that jisoo’s the visual, stop the crap. you guys really go above and beyond to lie when it comes to this girl.

But I wasn’t done

She was pushed by fans and company in all areas and that’s facts. The fandom/company acknowledges jisoo as a visual but be honest because her visuals are not the ones they hype


Jennie is outstanding. Jisoo has visual position but she is not shining.


Jennie is the center. And the most talentfull member. Jisoo is just a visual. She couldn’t shine in acting and presenting because of her bad voice. This is not Jennie’s fault. YG pushing Jisoo in different areas but she is not getting attention.


anyone with eyes can see that jisoo is evidently the visual/prettier but jennie has more of the IT/star factor with aura (also her proficiency in english is a bonus) that’s why she’s being pushed by YG as the center/face all these years. meanwhile jisoo, despite her conventional visuals that fit korea’s beauty standard, is more bland in comparison and her public image/reputation also took a hit bc of her snowdrop drama controversy.


Prettier not to me lol. Jisoo just fitting koreas beauty standarts. She is not pretty in my eyes.

But I wasn’t done

Most talentful—gunshot


Ah, Jisoo fans under the comment section. They have always insecurities. Because jisoo has just one position and she is not the best in that position either.

But I wasn’t done

Actually I don’t care about any of those fads 🥴 Jennie is a dozen and so is jisoo but with a nicer image


I think it just depends on the angles and the lights, that is why in some pics she looks gorgeous and in others not that much. She knows how to take pictures and style herself well for official schedules and photoshoots and has a charming aura, but she is not “conventionally” pretty. She is really cute tho


You either think she’s pretty or not pretty why does it matter it’s just difference in taste


Jisoo is the only pretty member tbh Rosé and Lisa are average and Jennie ugly


Oh and your oppa is liking Jennie btw.

But I wasn’t done

That’s your wet dream isn’t it? Jennie tryna climb above her station as always


He wouldn’t even breathe in her direction. Your girlie is dating GD


Ugly= me when i see namjoon

But I wasn’t done

Jennie ugly and built like a jellybean still living in Namjoon’s shadow like she always will ijbol


Jennie living in namjoon’s shadow? On mars, maybe 😂😂 how about u focus on streaming his flop collab instead cs jennie solo aren’t even that flop level.


She is really charming woman.


Koreans just love alien faces. V jawline, voldemort nose, and big fishy eyes. Jennie’s face is uniqe and beatiful. Dont need their opinion.

namtiddies@10th june

She’s fine so long as she keeps her mouth shut. Whether she smiles showing the gum, it turns people off


me on the topic of jhope


Jennie is pretty but if you want to compare the type of pretty like Yoona or Jisoo , well.

I think her aura and charisma helped her a lot that you can’t help but think wow when you see her . Idk how to explain but but there are people that really attractive although they are not conventionally beautiful or handsome to people’s standard .


Twice members are much prettier than bp members


Charm is one of the biggest factor for prettiness and Jennie has a truckload of charm. She is not a traditional beauty for korean standard but tbh i dont find a lot actress who fit korean’s traditional beauty charming. But they are all pretty. Pannkpop comment section has been disgusting for a while. And ofc disguzting commenter are some of the most determined on commenting

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