Is Chris Lee using Aespa and other SM fandoms to manipulate the public opinion against LSM?

Many SM fans think that Chris Lee is using fans during this current situation to win over the public’s opinion since he was wearing a NCT127 shirt during his video, brought up him helping Aespa when they were in distress about their comeback and posting pictures with Lucas from wayv after being basically ignored for months with no updates to the fans about him to try to gain SM fans approval. 

Two days ago on February 15th, 2023 Chris Lee, co-CEO of SM Ent, delivered a video message on Youtube via his own channel stating that Aespa’s comeback was delayed because the title track was about planting trees. He said the song contained lyrics like “just sustainability” “1 degree lower” “greenism.” He stated that the Aespa members were driven to tears in distress so the co-CEO cancelled the song and comeback altogether. 

But many Aespa fans find that hard to believe and untrue and have brought up the live Aespa members had a month prior to Chris Lee’s statement.

On Jan 15th, 2023 Karina and Winter went live and  seemed happy when talking about how they have heard the new song and home much they like the next comeback title track. 

But weirdly on January 30th, 2023 only 15 days after the previously mentioned live, Winter held a live and said-

“Comeback spoiler? I really want to give you one…but there’s nothing to give yet.” (Meaning there is no title track yet) “But, I can assure you that the b-sides are really good. We still don’t know what the title track will be” And went one to explain that the title track is still be modified and that just because it’s being worked on doesn’t mean it’s bad.

After that statement was made by Chris Lee. Aespa held a live and Mys think that the girls were mocking being sad because the CEO Chris Lee used them as a tool in the company’s current situation creating lies about them “crying in distress” over a song made by LSM.

In the live –

“Karina & Giselle: singing lyrics to their debut song black mamba while looking sad and fake crying in a mock manner. While NingNing puts a hand gun up to their head and pretends to shoot them

Winter: Everyone please understand. The members are having a hard time today. 

Karina & Giselle: drops the act and starts smiling and doing the piece sign 

Winter: It looks like they’re having a hard time right?

Then the members start to laugh”

Many suspect that the two current CEO’s of SM only want this business with Kakao Entertainment because they want to work with MAVE, Kakao Entertainment’s newest virtual girl group using tactics and strategies from Aespa’s AI project. 

Recently Chris Lee reported that 208 SM employees resist the hostile takeover by Hybe. Chris Lee stated that “LSM abandoned SM and Pink Bloods, the Pink Bloods will remain in the Seoul Forest and protect SM & Pink Bloods”

Pink Bloods is the term created and coined by Lee Sooman for SM stans. And there are approximately 600 employees at SM so only 34.6% of SM employees are standing with Chris Lee against LSM and HYBE.