Is HYBE afraid of success of BTS members as a soloist?

After new chapter started and 3/7 BTS member has released their album each of them has succeed as well as soloists.

As we know recently Jimin became first korean soloist in history to be on #1 on hot 100.
Jimin’s rise to the top had a ripple effect on the stock prices of other major entertainment companies here.
But most interesting thing here is Hybe didn’t celebrate his success, not even with an inteview.
While as a group Hybe celebrated success of #1 on hot 100 years ago. 

This era was kind of eye opener for so many people, especially for Jimin’s fans  how unfairly is this company trying to sabotage and erase his success.

It kind of seems Hybe is afraid and they know  only people who can outdo BTS is itself BTS members.
We always hear how korean media mentions ,,next BTS”, especially after BTS new chapter started as a soloist but there is no such thing as ,,next BTS”, there is just BTS members as a soloist and this chapter truly proved that. Here is BTS and Jimin’s recent achievements.

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I’m saying.. I don’t know what’s their exact thought process but it’s kind of a pushing and pulling when it comes to Bangtan’s solo promotions. On one hand, they celebrate when the members achieve new heights, but on the other hand, they don’t move much (and I’m being kind here) to help them reach these heights.

The JITB thing with the physical album and ‘thinking about the environment’ thing was sketchy enough since they have no problem with releasing 10/20 versions for their other groups, then the late shipment for Indigo, and now not bothering to send (at least) the Like Crazy English version to the radios —not even after Jimin’s #1— and simply just letting things in armys’ hands.. Idk.
I’m glad they’re at least listening to some of the feedback and trying to fix and better things as they go, but then again.. Yall are a whole entertainment company, fans of one group shouldn’t have to tell yall how to do your business 😕


I can feel the company is treating these solo albums like temporary projects that are used to keep Armys feed during OT7’s absence. They invest enough funds/money and let the members do whatever they want but they won’t actively push it. They still have that old kpop mindset that they only push hard for young and new rookies, not the established artists like BTS because they expect Armys to do and the hard work. Such outdated mindset tbh


bh clearly depends on all the fans 100% to make it work for bts’s solo stuffs


Now they are under a different company in the usa so if that company doesn’t want to push it they can’t do much unless they are willing to pay radios


“mass buying impact with no stream” but you have a whole screenshot where it specifies BTS is the first group to surpass 33B streams in Spotify history.. worry about ‘lililili’ struggling regardless of all that industry push and mass buying from her fandom <3

Grace Walker

BTS, is under Big Hit, not Hybe.

Fuck you

Its just the same lol. Hybe own bighit and bts are the one who make hybe


fvck hybe


Not army with their persecution complex again


HYBE is definitely pushing only Jimin. I think only Jimin renews the contract

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