Is HYBE afraid of success of BTS members as a soloist?

After new chapter started and 3/7 BTS member has released their album each of them has succeed as well as soloists.

As we know recently Jimin became first korean soloist in history to be on #1 on hot 100.
Jimin’s rise to the top had a ripple effect on the stock prices of other major entertainment companies here.
But most interesting thing here is Hybe didn’t celebrate his success, not even with an inteview.
While as a group Hybe celebrated success of #1 on hot 100 years ago. 

This era was kind of eye opener for so many people, especially for Jimin’s fans  how unfairly is this company trying to sabotage and erase his success.

It kind of seems Hybe is afraid and they know  only people who can outdo BTS is itself BTS members.
We always hear how korean media mentions ,,next BTS”, especially after BTS new chapter started as a soloist but there is no such thing as ,,next BTS”, there is just BTS members as a soloist and this chapter truly proved that. Here is BTS and Jimin’s recent achievements.