Is HYBE showing their favoritism towards Suga?

The day BTS Jimin’s album was announced there was user articles about him being privileged, antis spreading false narratives to this day but the now, when BTS member Suga’s promotion schedule already announced  and Jimin’s false privileged narratives got debunked, now it’s just antis way to cope his success. 

1) Jimin schedule ended in just 2 weeks,his promotions lasted just 10 days, after all his hard work for 10month on album, all other members had 1 month between album releases

2) Suga has extra walmart and amazon exclusive versions, gifts and other benefits for his upcoming album, while jimin has just physical albums

3) Jimin said in interview he wanted MVs for all his songs but company said ,,NO” and jimin had to apologized for ,,asking too much”, while Suga will have 3 MVs for his album

4) Jimin had just 1 US interview, while Suga has upcoming tour and Disney documentary as well as Jhope had both. 

There is many proofs that Jimin got sabotaged by his own company and his fans showed their frustration for this. 

Despite the sabotage FACE by Jimin is the fastest album by A Kpop soloist to surpassed 200M streams with just 6 tracks, which includes interlude. He is the first Korean Soloist in history who debuted #1 on hot 100.

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