Is HYBE showing their favoritism towards Suga?

The day BTS Jimin’s album was announced there was user articles about him being privileged, antis spreading false narratives to this day but the now, when BTS member Suga’s promotion schedule already announced  and Jimin’s false privileged narratives got debunked, now it’s just antis way to cope his success. 

1) Jimin schedule ended in just 2 weeks,his promotions lasted just 10 days, after all his hard work for 10month on album, all other members had 1 month between album releases

2) Suga has extra walmart and amazon exclusive versions, gifts and other benefits for his upcoming album, while jimin has just physical albums

3) Jimin said in interview he wanted MVs for all his songs but company said ,,NO” and jimin had to apologized for ,,asking too much”, while Suga will have 3 MVs for his album

4) Jimin had just 1 US interview, while Suga has upcoming tour and Disney documentary as well as Jhope had both. 

There is many proofs that Jimin got sabotaged by his own company and his fans showed their frustration for this. 

Despite the sabotage FACE by Jimin is the fastest album by A Kpop soloist to surpassed 200M streams with just 6 tracks, which includes interlude. He is the first Korean Soloist in history who debuted #1 on hot 100.

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this post is a big fucking eye roll


That’s right, last week Jimin was Hybe’s privileged, now it’s Yoongi, the haters, solos and antis are hard at work trying to sour the members’ solo debuts, but Army is not going to be quiet. 


maybe they know whos more talented 🤷‍♂️


Not you lying when most armys literally used Like Crazy as a filler when streaming PP2, be serious and stay in discussions about your own faves instead of speaking on Jimin. Obsessed mfs.


solo stans , kind of expected when several members are going to make their official solo debut in two years


Aw come on at this point everyone is favorite and a victim is getting ridiculous

Kpop boy

Suga and rapline got the most promotions since the hiatus,
Suga with his show, brand deals, world tour, documentary, all were announced during Jimin promotion and make fandom splitting their support, now after 1 week from jm first album ever he’s promoting his album,
Rm and Jhope released mixtapes, albums and 2 colab, but also released 3 days before Jimin debut!!


only Suga & Jhope had the best promotions. Rm finished his like a week before Christmas & just move on while the other 2 continue to promote their debut albums. that’s why I hate when solos & akgaes mention Rm in these types of conservations because he didn’t do anything extravagant compared to the other 2, his promotions were just yt videos & just doing the show that didn’t even mention the album.

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Jhope? He only got lollapalooza, radio, and disney. Listening party doesnt count bcuz public doesn’t care and cant see anything abt it. If you’re going to talk abt award show, hes going bcuz hes nominated and it doesnt help his song to chart bcuz its after months of his song got released lol. And dont talk abt his album format…Jimin have the best promotion. 1month pre order, eng ver, remix, music show, variety show, fansign vid call, no delay shipping, american talk show, etc. The next one is suga. The worst is probably rm


He also got radio show and many version of his album lol. And are his fans stupid for asking world tour when he have a few song only? He need to make his own song and practice his voice first lol. Yoongi take many class for this tour. Yet this guy cant sing during encore lol. Take a vocal lesson first

Fuck you

Did you really count a mixtape? The free one? How can we do when rapline is too talented when your fav cant sing his own song during encore lol. Even suga whos rapper improve at singing. Told your fav to make his own mixtape. Oops he need pdogg help and even namjoon help lol


Yall really got triggered with ots aka a goodbye song with no physical album lol. Dont lie. Its not 3 days. Its a week before pre release lol. And namjoon have the worst promotion. At the end, yall look stupid for denying that jm is the most privilege. The push he got for hot100 is enough to show hybe love him the most. So goodbye


jhope? are you kidding me? his promotion started after 1month and its only lolla, radio show and iu show. his album is a paper and got delayed. no digital store for MORE and only got for jitb 2 days before the end of tracking weeks. and dont talk abt namjoon..he didnt even get anything lol. just accept that jimin is the most privillege. 1 month pre order, pre order for digital store, eng ver, remix, us talk show, music show, k variety show, ton of tiktok vid even before solo debut, radio show, fansign vid call to boost his album sales, no delayed shipping, many version of album, etc. the only thing he didnt get is documentary and you didnt know yet if he got or not lol. namjoon, jin and jhope cant even get their album shipped on time lol


since when mixtape is produced by comp? ask your jimin to make his own mixtape. on the street didnt even have physical abum. and only got digital store 3 days before release. idk why you feel threatened with his song lol. and its not 3 days before jimin debut. its 2 weeks before jimin album debut. get a fact right. and namjoon have the worst. both namjoon and hobi didnt even get a minimal treatment aka shipping on time

Krystal j

You really said a mixtape is a promotion? Jimin stan are stupid. Mixtape is created by artist by THEMSELVES not a fucking comp. We can list a ton of mistreatment that hobi, jin and joon got from fucking hybe


Woww. The way army didnt even reply or call out this user comment lol. They really throwing rapline under the bus. They are busy defending jimin while ignoring this user comment abt rapline lol


Dont lie. On the street is release two weeks before face. And hobi didnt even get the most promotion. Stop lying. Jimin promotion is not even end yet. He still have show with yoo jaesuk and many things you didnt even know. So stop making a lies especially abt hobi and namjoon


it’s jhope fault for releasing a single during jimin debut like why did that?


RM got less promotion then jimin.also it’s not Nj’s problem that he is talented. He worked hard for those mixtape. While his co worker were sleeping peacefully he was in the studio making music for his group and himself.

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since akgaes all joined together to drag jimin for the things that yoongi is getting right now, hope they enjoy seeing us return the same energy


keep crying, jm remains bongo sugar baby

Fuck you

Jimin is talentless and bang pd fav. Only jk can sing. You will see jk organic achievement when hes debut with his soli album lol. Jm need hybe payola to hype his horrible voice and song lol


nobody outside your fandom believe this nonsense lol. even kpoppies know your fav is hybe fav lol


The same kpoppies that drag Jimin just for breathing? Same thing yall akgaes do? Be fucking serious, yall sound and look ridiculous as fuck all over these comments. Weird freaks.

Krystal j

Pretty sure they drag him for his awful encore lol. He cant sing that 1 song and his stan demanding a tour lol. At the end yall need to accept he cant sing and even cant make his own song. His stupid fan really said rm and jhope are privilege one when they didnt even get the bare minimum lol


Pretty sure ‘they’ drag him because yall are a bunch of deranged bitches that can’t keep his name out of your nasty mouths. Writing paragraphs about artists you supposedly can’t stand, you have a whole obsession going on.

Jimin has been in the industry for 10 years. 10 whole years of LIVE performances and yall wanna run your mouths on him based on 1 bad encore where he couldn’t even hear himself. Nothing about the good encore or amazing LIVE performances he put up.

Hanging onto every little thing to drag him won’t change the fact that he is talented as hell and is successful in his own right.

Krystal j

Are you deaf? Every bts performance/song is ruined by his voice. Even nmixx a 1 year old rookies sing better than him..its embarrassing


Yeah, this is exactly how I know you’re bullshiting. No one taking you or your “talented” faves seriously for a reason, worry about that 🤗


And then you’re nowhere to be seen on articles about rap line, mhm. Of course.

Token stanning some of the members just to speak shit about the others and be able to hide behind them when we come for your actual faves is getting boring. Tired. Exhausted. 🥱


Lol. This past few days is only article abt pigmin horrible voice and his payola. Why would she care abt his article. We are busy getting yoongi ticket lol. You just cant believe you got exposed for hating rapline🫢

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wtf is wrong with you freaks lmao

1. suga’s album was always planned in april – concert venues are booked months and years in advance. it’s not his fault jimin didn’t release his album after the taeyang collab in january (kmedia did spoil feb comeback but idk why y’all have mass memory loss).
2. all you guys do is lie istg. face also has exclusive target and walmart versions. additionally it literally has TWO alternate cover digital albums because hybe tried to help yall get the bb200 #1 – armys are literally still funding these digital albums while d-day only has one digital version.
3. my god y’all love twisting your faves words….
4. suga recorded his documentary since 2021 and it includes his production process. what’s jimin gonna do a documentary about? staying at pdoggs house for one song camp? also his us interview was a very mainstream late night show and the best promotion any member got so far. your wording is minizing its impact way too much.

jimin also has two title track (english ver) and remixes which helped him chart #1 on hot100 btw, if you wanna talk about favouritism!

Last edited 5 months ago by wtf is wrong with you freaks lmao

They downvote bcuz they cant deny it lol. Jm solo stan are trying to make his achievements are organic and make he looks mistreated by hybe lol


It’s bullshit, there is evidence that Suga’s comeback was supposed to be Q1 before Jimin. NO ONE has ever given a January/February date for Jimin’s comeback. So stfu

Truth hurts



Isn’t it too early to assume jimin wouldn’t have any documentary, jitb doc is announced almost like half a year after jitb album is out.

and jimin is still doing promo for his songs tbh but he’s just doing it on his own ways, I mean the Vogue video just came out, who knows what else he got in store for Face or Like Crazy, next things you know he’s going to be on that Weverse Festival to perform songs from Face.

It is what it is

1) Jimin schedule ended in just 2 weeks,his promotions lasted just 10 days, after all his hard work for 10 months on album, all other members had 1 month between album releases

>> Not true, during jin tracking week, RM album was announced. JM had +1 month of pre -sales (suga only had 6 days) + the complete tracking week focusing on just him

Jimin had 3 remixes + instrumental, a whole new album + 2 *other* digital album versions during his tracking week

If you ask anyone with brain, JM is the absolute privileged here.

3) Jimin said in interview he wanted MVs for all his songs but company said ,,NO” and jimin had to apologized for ,,asking too much”, while Suga will have 3 MVs for his album

>> Jm had 2 MVs, so your point is? I’m sure suga had more songs in his album that merit having one (1) more MV

I’m appalled how jm had everything but his solo stans keep finding reasons to complain.

Stupid pannkpop

Lmao 10 downvotes from jimin akgaes

Teenaged puppy

Not a wonyoung stan speaking. You can’t be her fan with this nasty set up


Same “favoritism” conversation every single time a member releases an album atp, imagine how tired we are.


Man whoever wrote this grow the fuck up most of the members would choose there friendship over any fan I don’t understand this whole solo fan attacks on all members if anything they are gonna end up doing bad cause so much separation in the fandom support all instead

WhatsThe Point

What content they want to put out for the promo of their album depends on the members it’s so obvious.
The writer of this post ain’t an army, it’s clear.
3 mvs because yoongi wants 3.
Jimin had 2 because he wanted 2.


actually he said he wanted an mv for every song they said no. what’s your excuse now?


how are you guys downvoting jimins words 😭😭😭😭😭

Truth hurts

He wanted that? So selfish.


jimin’s akgaes stop writing stupid articles using btsarmy name, YOU ARE NOT AN ARMY, jimin doesn’t even recognize you as his fans, he only knows army!


lol so much favoritism when D-day is scheduled just after Jimin’s promos ended which hurt D-day numbers because the fandom is still focusing on Like Crazy’s stability on Hot 100. Funniest joke ever


The company do a good job, with single encore he made a big fuss about he can’t sing. If he gets more promotion, bts name will be tainted


I think rapline simply way more outspoken n really ask what they want. Thats why they still got big gigs. For jimin, i always feel his promos got influenced alot by bighit staffs n BTS past ot7 promos. Its because he still inexperienced in handling solo activities. If jimin being more outspoken, i think he could get all mv for all his b-sides. I can see V being more outspoken than jimin for his solo album. Regarding remixes, i believe bighit giving that based on songs they think has good potential for chart success. Plus, like crazy is perfect song to have multiple remixes. Besides, i think jimin solo album supposed to be right after vibe. Around feb. But like he said in suchwita, it seem that its taking more time than him expected thus the delay. Or maybe thats only the time, hybe can properly distribute album all in first week.


What? Army words are never consistent. Yall told its jhope 100% decision but suddenly for jimin, comp is the one who handle it? Lol. Is he a baby or what? And are rapline a businessmen? At the end, yall need to be consistent and stick to 1 argument. Yall just love to throw hobi under the bus


Like i said rapline is more experience in handling solo activities. They mentioned this too during suchwita. I am one of people mad about hybe dont have physical album for jhope. Its very clear they messed up about it back then. Considering jimin said the album originally supposed to be free, i think hybe only finally get to do worldwide physical release on 1st week during jimin album. Jimin n suga said that its good that jimin mainly working with bighit producers as they understand him the best. For jitb, its very clear hybe not yet ready releasing physical album that time so they using excuse for only having weverse album for the sake of environment lol.


Thank you for saying that hybe is sabotaging jitb. I still dont understand why army are defending that comp when its obvious that they are using jitb as spacegoat


army are really good at giving excuse lol. hes 29 years old. suddenly he cant speak on his own. if anything bad happened to namjoon, hobi and jin, it was their choice. and if something happened bad happened to this guy its hybe fault. just accept that hes hybe fav


Pick a narrative, army. You said to nam and hobi fans that bts is not a rookie and can choose whethever they want..suddenly its diff for 1 member…just accept that he got the most pushed from hybe. Hes not a kid


dude even tae searching his own director and talking to a lot of them about what MVs he wants to do, tae has always be outspoken & always inserting himself & giving idea for whatever project he’s working on, from photobook he even design his own outfit to be like what he wants, the concept, the place etc, even photoshoot in Vogue or Elle magazine all saying the same he think of the concept & idea on how he wants to be/look, he wont let company handles everything for him or even touching on the concept on something he working on to, so again about album(the concept, MVs, song) its all depend on the artist


If that was true Rap line would have got half of what jimin got. The one who made BTS big aren’t considered good enough to be promoted like Jimin. What a shame hybe and Jimin both are going to hell for this.


who are made bts big yet they’re the least popular members be serious


Only jimin solo stan belive this statement lol. Everyone including army and kpop stan know jimin got the best promotion lol


The MV one is ridiculous lol it also depend on the budget of the singer or idol even the deals or when they agreed on the contract, if suga or other member want more MV actually they can but sometimes they will using their own money or need to prepare more budget, unless if the artist depend on the company to prepare all of that they will accept whatever the company set up for them, different stories if the artist preparing budget or giving ideas on the process or concept they want to use etc ex: tae also said he want many MV(6 MV) on his album but he have to cut on that probably bcs also on budget prob, he also choose & search his own director for his own MV, he fully know what he wants so its all depend on the artist themself, yoongi, hobi and joon also like that,
so arguing over more MV is pointless tbh

Last edited 5 months ago by maomao69

right, if the artist isn’t dependent on company they will make it happend on their own, if they want more MV sometimes they need to use their own money or prepare bigger budget or move on their own, also taehyung saying on his vlog he wants 8 MVs😂not only 6 lol, but he narrowed it down himself because he wants to not because of company saying no, maybe jimin letting the hybe team organizing/prepare all for his album from concept, MV, etc thats why he can only accept what the company prepare up for him based on budget or the deals in the contract…

Lets play

Jimin stan are trying so hard lol. Nobody believe this lie. Everyone mama know jimin is the most privilege


sure susan


Go ahead and name the privileges in question for me.

Lets play

No need to name. Just read the other comments and open your eyes lol. So name anything that namjoon got but jimin didnt get it…nothing lol. He got everything yet nam didnt even got a bare minimum


Yeah, all that talk about “privilege” just to not be able to answer when people ask yall what exact privileges you’re talking about. Completely “unexpected”.

Having a whole dick measuring contest on who’s “mistreated” and who’s “privileged”, name calling the members, and doing all the shit yall do just to not be able to have a conversation about how HYBE is the actual problem in all this shit.
Ganging up on Jimin as if he runs that shit or has any say about how HYBE’s distributors work.

Yall need to be fcking serious, go get a job and leave these men alone.

Lets play

The way you cant name any privilege that namjoon got lol. Yall cant accept that jimin is hybe fav. Did you think hybe is any diff from other comp..every comp have their own fav. Hybe even shade and media play bts is over just to hype their own rookies. At the end, the como will push their fav


What privileges should I name when I’m literally not the one talking about ‘privileges’ up and down these comments? Or do you see me in these comments calling the other members privileged just because I don’t like how HYBE & Geffen run certain things? Yall a very unserious bunch of people


Bitch be serious 😭 Yoongi is getting a tour because he has enough tracks for a whole set list, you’re so unserious atp

Weren’t you “busy getting tickets” just a few comments ago? Go continue being “busy buying tickets” to Yoongi’s already sold out tour 💀
I’d say I’ll see you there, but we both already know you don’t even stan him to begin with. Just jumping at —what you believe is— the slightest opportunity to attack Jimin, jobless freak.


The way you didnt call out the user who call rapline having the most privilege yet you are here busy defending jimin..why you cant defend the rapline lol


how is jimin going to have a tour if he barely has songs, the setup?

Truth hurts

He can’t even sing a line without squeaking. Why are his stans so keen on embarrassing him?


pigmin solo stan are trying to change the history lol. the payola he got from hybe still cant make him beat jungkook and even lisa record lol


Payola this and payola that. Yall really learnt a new word and ran with it.


Pigmin solo stan really cant accept that he got everything lol. Tae stan even need to spam hybe for asking them to post abt tae solo activities on twitter when its only bare minimum. Jk didnt even have any bangtan bomb for left and right, etc. Yet they still more popular than pigmin lol


People calling yall’s bullshit out = them being solos? Yeah, then I’m the biggest solo out there actually. And proud about it too.

Deranged ass bitch.


You are jimin solo stan. You didnt even call out the comment with many upvote that calling rapline having the most privilege lol. Yet you are busy defending jimin on every comment calling him the most privilege member lol


And then what’s next? 😱 Tell me more since you know so damn much about me 😱


jimin cant even handle an encore, how is he going to handle a tour


The comment section is hilarious. They really said namjoon and hobi got the most privilege lol. Hybe can’t even shipped their album on time. Hobi didn’t even get digital store when he’s album didnt even have normal physical album. Namjoon only promote his album on 2-3 occasion. Hybe didnt even push still life when its public friendly song. I never know 1 month pre-order, 1 month pre order for digital store, eng ver, remix, tth playlist, us talk show, k variety show, k music show, radio show, fansign vid call to boost album sales, ton of tiktok vid (even before solo debut), no delayed shipping, album available on many store (fyi jitb only appear on certain store), many version of album, etc are mistreatment and are not enough. Yoongi only got extra 1 music vid, documentary and a world tour. fun fact.. a world tour and documentary will not help public to stream/buy his song lol.

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Can jimin start a tour? I will sit back with popcorn and see his ass dragged with 40k qrts


Do you really want to see pigmen and his dying goat voice fans cry?


Nahhh hybe won’t let that happen. It would be hard to erase the evidence. The encore alone was a nightmare to conceal.

Krystal j

They really want jimin to have content for kpop stan dragging him lol. He cant even sing during encore. What make you think he can handle a tour lol. He didnt even have enough song. His stan really said rapline got the privilege bcuz they can release a mixtape…is not like he cant release his own mixtape..its just he cant MAKE HIS OWN mixtape lol. Tae and jk literally said they want to release their own mixtape (before they enter chapter 2)..but they still working on it. Pretty sure jimin is the one who cant make his own mixtape lol. He need pdogg help while rapline is so talented


the need to drag jimin just to say why rapline gets tours instead of just saying they get a tour bc they got moree songs. yall antis annoying as hell

Krystal j

Lol. Bcuz its the truth. He cant make his own music. His stans are stupid for saying rapline are privilege bcuz they can release a mixtape when we know mixtape is created by artist not comp. At the end, he cant sing lol


But you gonna cry when I turn that on your industry lil puppets. Weird ass bitch.


Jimin solo stan are camping in this article lol. Have a great day denying him as the most privilege member. Everyone know hes the most privilege lol. Jungkook solo debut without payola will make them triggered more lol. He cant even beat jungkook with those hybe pushed lol. He even got beaten by dozensoo on kchart, yt, etc. The only thing he have is spotify stream that got combined and hot100 which got remix for army to bulk buying lol. Yall will see jk and tae organic achievements when they debut lol

Kenma Neko

What kind of nonsense is this? The comment section too? Jhope and rm are the privilege one? Why nobody defending jhope and rm when its a lie…

Loving you

They really call those are sabotage when indigo, jitb and astronaut didnt even have the bare minimum lol

Midzy that

I dont think documentary help any song to chart? Who care abt documentary except for fan? Did yall care abt taylor swift documentary? I dont and i still buy her album bcuz i like her some of her song. Documentary didnt even give any impact for idk why its a sabotage when he didnt get documentary?

2yeon 2wice

Its not its better for not having tour now? The fandom can focus on buying his album while if he have a tour and at the same time releasing an album, some fan didnt have enough money to buy both… if my fav doing that, i prefer to save money on ticket tour since i can meet her irl. So at least his fan can save money for his upcoming And i dont think hes not having tour will affect his record or achievement lol


Is not jimin is going to guest on certain show with that guy from running man? How they said hes already end his promotion?


1. His promotion is not even end yet. And you never know his upcoming schedule. If its already you think he will just stay still? Im sure hes grown up and know what hes going to do since he know his military service is near. Even namjoon told he cancel to enlist with jhope bcuz he have other yall will never know abt their schedule

2. Hes also got fansign vid call to boost his album and he have many version its not a big deal. At least its not a paper one like jhope.

3. What kind of lie is that? No need to comment. Next

4. Documentary and tour will not give any effect on chart and sales bcuz only fans care abt it. But at the same time jimin got to attend music show, variety show, us talk show, radio show, etc. while the other didnt have some of it. So yeah

White cat

Time and time again .they already said it up to the member to choose which kind of promotion they want.

keep jimin out of your stinky mouths

talking about jm being privileged but none of you in these comments can name the privileges in question, funny. saw one brain-dead kpop stan say that sht and ran with it cause it was handed to you on a silver plate.

everyone on this site, kpop twt, and general public knows yall are a bunch of dumb elephant necks who aren’t able to think for themselves. and yall want to speak on successful artists while everyone else outside of your lil hate bubble continuously praises that man. and rightfully so.

start worrying about your bubbling under artists and keep jimin out of your stank ass mouths


I can’t believe I read the entire AU. Jimin is not a damsel in distress. If he wants something, he will ask for it. Let him grow on his own.


His hot 100 is free falling next week. Karma works. Congratulations to pigmin haters. Sorry jk for calling you privilege.


Are they calling this sabotage when he got many things. Even yet to come didnt even get this much push lol

Kenu H.

His stan are asking why nobody care abt this article on twitter…everyone know this is bullshit and hes the most privilege member. As expected from bang pd and pdogg fav lol


Pdogg even appeared in that Vogue video to praise him lol never seen that man does the same to other members’ solo projects. Obviously Jimin followed whatever the company wants him to do so in return he has all the favours. Meanwhile other members had to do everything on their own. Jimin is the privileged one here, less talented compared to others but still manage to get more.

Kenu H.

Oh please. He literally got other things. More than jin, jhope and rm got. He even got vogue vid and yoo jaesuk show. Why you need to lie that his promotion are already ended lol


It’s so weird seing BTS members solo stans, ARMY seems to be a fandom so united


Everytime members release their album, here akgaes always crying with same melody “HyBe SaBoTaGe My faVe aNd FaVoUr oThEr MemB3rS” 🙄🙄


The favoritism goes for Jimin only. pjms don’t have the right to talk about favoritism when their bias is literally have everything other members don’t get from the company

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