“Is Jisoo from BLACKPINK went under plastic surgery??”

BLACKPINK Jisoo known as the ‘Nation’s visual’ by her fans but is she actually?

Recently some pictures prove that Jisoo actually went under plastic surgery to fix her jawline & nose. It’s actually shocking that a pretty K-pop idol like her still this much insecure about her looks

Jisoo recently attended a Dior fashion event where k-netizen shocked by Jisoo’s sudden change.They are saying,

“Can’t believe Jisoo fixed her jawline?”

“Jisoo unnie,why did you change your eye shape?”

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she/her nose looks the same to me tho??? it’s just normal aging and i thought she’s a natural beauty, no? what’s with all these BP/jisoo posts about their looks like is this a witch-hunt on them now??

edit: im not even a blink but the BP hate bandwagon on this site is noticeably severe so idk hope y’all 🤡 get sued by YG sooner or later i guess lol

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people on this site act as bad as blonk. they play victim when blonk threw hate comment on their faves but the do the same.


Kim jisoo is fucking most beautiful women in the world I’d think she fixed anything it’s same tho it’s just she is glowing too much.




‘It’s actually shocking that a pretty K-pop idol like her still this much insecure about her looks’

well we all know how conscious are South Koreans or most of them with their looks , they are pretty severe about it cause they are raised with these type of environment so well some people even though people said they are pretty , they probably find something that they are not satisfied about . They are humans after all.

Anyway why do people care so much if these idols did something to their faces or not , as long as they are the one who want it , not the company asking them to , then why would it be our business 😭


You got down votes😐 I can’t believe these people


these people are so unserious like why would these idol’s faces bother them that much for this post to be made and for people to have these lengthy discussion 😦


Most beatiful in the world? Girl, go check up your eyes. She is not even most pretty in the kpop


…. where did I say that she’s the most beautiful in the world ? I was quoting the person who made this post but anyway why would her being pretty or not bothers you so bad


You creating an account just to say this shit is hilarious, you will getting your ass sued tho, good luck.
She looks the same as always, she only lost weight so her facial features look more sharp, also you got your so called “knetizen” comments from your ass 😂 the BP hate is so forced lol get a life, the girls are minding their business quietly while you are here spewing lies to make you feel better about your uglyness and miserable life


Jisoo got her nose job. She is getting old. It’s normal


The fact that ya’ll are allowing just any rando to publish on here is absolutely ridiculous. You didn’t even bother proofreading the title 🙄🙄🙄


When I see her I only think her 40 years smoker voice. Maybe she tried to fix her voice trough the nose job.


National visual? Who said that? Don’t be funny guys. She is average in the idol industry.

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Average? Now lets us judge your face next. If jisoo is average yours are probably on the floor standard


Her only position is visual. Her job is being visual. She is getting money from being pretty. And she is not good at her job. Why cant I criticize?

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Fugly ajumma


Cant believe someone in her mid twenty is ajumma these days. Open the school for these kids

Jj dw

I dont get it wheres the change ??! Yall r delusional

But I wasn’t done

All of bp are ps monsters


Hybe stans proudly calling others ps monsters😂 have some shame

But I wasn’t done

BP addicted to ps


Yeonjun is one step closer to become gangnam hyun at this rate


Most Korean did ps surgery. Noting’s surprise. Why you attack only Jisoo.


This Robin Iria is on hating on Blackpink agenda or something


Pannkpop is one of the most toxic social site.


pannchoa is still the cesspool with all the trolls and haters but yeah pannkpop is gradually turning into another cesspool just like pannchoa soon lol


All idols went through surgery (and yes that includes my faves 🙄) so yes ofc she did like everybody else


what nonsense is this? there are many other pics from that even and you chose that one lol her jawline looks the same it’s the picture lol are you a new troll? why is pannkpop accepting anyone to make threads

here a clip lol



her jawline is not even that narrow lol it’s the same sad you are making articles to drag idols and stop making up knetizen comments

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