Is there any reason why Aespa Winter is so popular?

Winter is an idol with a lot of popularity these days, right?

Is there any reason why she’s so popular?

1. She has a pretty face, but honestly she sings well, dances well, has a cute personality. It would be weird if she wasn’t popular…

2. She sings well, dances well, especially her cute dimples make people crazy

3. Her face is so pretty, she’s so cute, she talks and acts cute, she sings and dances so well

4. It’s just that there’s no reason to hate her

5. She’s been popular since debut, but after cutting her hair short, she’s getting more and more popular

6. I’m not a fan but I think it’s because of her short hair

7. Her face is pretty and cute but she’s good at dancing and singing so she gets a lot of attention

8. Winter has received a lot of good reactions since debut

9. She has a pretty face and her skills are good

10. Winter has been popular since their debut

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TBH, i find it SO weird that many people would hate her SOLELY for her facial expressions, when she’s still got other skills. Like, you guys dont put the same effort on idols that can’t even sing because they lick their lips or wink on camera LOL.


Ok I guess I know why she is popular in Korea. I think because she was a hidden member; It was the people’s first time to met with her and she was really pretty with blode her in debut era and you know beauty is very important to Koreans. She sing well but her voice is very thin for me. Probably Karina and Ningning out more for International followers.


she looks and acts like kim chaewon from izone


Winter’s fancams have more views than Chaewon, she also has better singing technique than anyone from Lessarafim


Its the other way around actually

Legend bitch

Is she popular…?


People like charming pretty people who sing well.


the fact that she still racks in views for her fancams there’s clearly something there people like and find naturally charming so idk about her stage presence issue


bc all the ppl who didn’t like winter have left, has been a while so no one who doesn’t like winter can’t be bothered to type, hence the remaining ppl are all self-selected to be winter fans. ofc they will write things like xxx has a small face & hype, cause each self-selected fandom (separated from gp) will write the same thing. go to nugu grp a, b, c, & every aespa hype post is there w the name change. xxx has such gd proportions etc. pannkpop just doesn’t translate nugu grps, but it’s all there in the sub-reddit like place to click for each grp.




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