Isn’t Red Velvet famous for being good at performing live?

Isn’t Red Velvet famous for being good at performing live..?

Wendy and Seulgi are famous for being good at singing live, Joy, Irene and Yeri are also good at singing live…..

1. Only Seulgi and Wendy are good at singing live, I’m not sure about the other members

2. Is it just normal..? Seulgi and Wendy are good and I don’t know about the other members

3. They’re famous for their live performances… They’ve been doing really well since their debut

4. I was surprised when I went to their concert,,, Their live is no joke

5. I watched this and thought it was great

6. Isn’t Red Velvet famous for singing live? Why are the reactions like this?

7. Seulgi and Wendy are good at singing liveㅋㅋ All the members sing live wellㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. All the members of Red Velvet are famous for being good at performing live!

9. They’re really good at singing live

10. I watched them at the festival and the live performance was great

11. Isn’t the video of them singing Peek-A-Boo live very popular???

12. I’m not a fan but I think they sing live well

13. When I watched their encore stage, they did so well

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Color color stan and yg & teddy's 4 tramps

Are they? oh then they’re better than the foot washer leg spreaders at yg


They all sing well (although some members are obviously better at singing than others) and they all sound great live!

Their zimzalabim encore performance at their latest concert gave me mad FOMO. I really wish I could see them live someday!

Taste that savage

I only know irene

Like Crazy

Wendy is a good singer but RV has no stage presence. Twice, NJ and Le Sserafim are the only gg worth watching

Shu yan

As if you have watched their encore


the only gg I can think of that is famous for their vocals is mamamoo idk

Red Velvet Creampie Cake

No, if you listen in person they don’t sound like CD more like Melon.

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