Isn’t the hate getting too much in K-pop now?

Hate is a normal human emotion but when people have nowhere to vent it in the real world, they come online and hate on those people who haven’t done anything wrong. It is all about negativity surrounding them in their lives and then trying to spread it celebrities and their fans, their easiest targets. In K-pop, especially, this is getting out of hand. Earlier it was about affecting the idol’s and their fans’ mood, in a way, also defending/protecting their own favorite idol. Now, it has turned to something worse, disgusting, horrible and that is, ruining the idol’s reputation and career by spreading misinformation.

It has happened to Garam, Wonyoung and Rosé. Despite the rumors against them being wrong/proven false, they are still used by antis. Wonyoung has it so bad, with people calling her pick-me, fake, cringe, etc., it is hard for people to not see her with that image, and making her lose potential fans. The worst part is she’s very young to handle all this. Rosé is a very popular idol and has been subjected to hate since the start of her career, but recently, some people haven’t been kind to her, spreading rumors (both Spotify scandal and the dr*g one) that can seriously damage her reputation and maybe even land her behind bars, though luckily, the rumors were cleared easily since the basis of the accusations itself were very weak. With Garam however, she sadly had to leave her group and idol-life behind and now even if she decided to debut, some people will only know her as a bad person, a bully. All this happened for absolutely no reason, other than, well FANWAR and JEALOUSY. At the end of all this, the haters only ended up embarrassing themselves, filling up their minds with more negativity and coming back to being more rude and disrespectful.

Every time we lose an idol, all the fandoms come together to reflect on their actions and then pledge to never insult anyone innocent again, but the cycle keeps repeating. Isn’t the hate getting too much now? Shouldn’t these toxic people stop?

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go do your actual homework


Understanding the seriousness of this issue is out of your IQ and EQ, right? It is a goo discussion and if you don’t agree with it, it just proves that K-pop stans love to hate on anyone other than their faves.


If only u spent this much time writing ur essays maybe u wouldn’t be failing school


And how do YOU know the author is failing school? It is a general discussion and good topic too. It should be seen that people are trying to ruin lives of people they don’t even know. If only you spent your school time learning to read and comprehend simple articles like this one, you wouldn’t be writing comments like this and actually understand the seriousness of this issue.


are you a Garam supporter, lol?


Garam is proven tru tho. I’m confused whenever there’s a scandal, there will be a thread fabricating the truth and many fans retweeted it. I stopped reading those stuffs and just read the news instead


Maybe go to kpop temple, church or something


Do you just want to continue hating idols then? K-pop stans really need a major cleansing to remove idiots like you.


I mean it always existed. I remember in 2017 when all k-pop groups ganged up on twice for winning soty at mama awards. The hate was so vicious that twice members locked their ig comment box and didn’t post for a while. They were constantly slvt shamed and shamed in general by other bg and gg stans. But their stans really pulled through it and look at them now. Most of those groups fans who were attacking them are now nowhere near the achievements of twice. Some izone fans even made a chatroom for circulating organized hate and deepfake p04n content of the members. And Jihyo was seen crying during those times.
The hate has always been there. And it goes to every other group. People who hate certain group or people takes sick pleasure of writing vile comments about someone just to let out the frustration of some problem within their own lifes. Most of those people are not even mentally stable. And it’s actually a proven fact. You only hate someone you haven’t met of you have some circuits of your brain wired up in a wrong way.
You can criticize someone for their mistake or deeds which is not correct in your morality. It’s okay everyone does that. But you can’t give someone blatant hate or write disgusting comments.


Ikr…. it has come to point of ruining idol’s career now. They realised that idols are so strong mentally and are not that affected by hate comments that much, like to the point of s**cide. So antis thought to ruin their reputation and career which makes it harder for idol’s to move forward and to be in the spotlight anymore.


Just go to Stray Kids topic (4.93M) and you already see insecure BTS stans hating lmao


BTS stans are the worst..I mostly see them starting fanwars and in one of the cases here, they are the reason for it to even become big. With Garam, since she was part of hybe they stayed neutral but if she was from any other group, they would never let her group live in peace, always bringing it up.


agreed… is really sad how cruel these people are


Gg stans are especially egregious esp loona, bp and aespa stans

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