It is said that Jang Wonyoung looks like this in real life

It is said that Jang Wonyoung looks like this in real life

She looks like a doll

[+204, -28]

1. [+110, -1] But why does she look so worn out..?ㅠㅠ I’m not bashing her, but she looks f*cking cute ㅜㅜㅜ Look at her expression

2. [+50, -3] This face with 173cm..ㄷ

3. [+44, -1] Hul, everyone will fall in love with her when she smiles and winks at this face

4. [+39, -1] Her face is that of a baby

5. [+31, -1] Wow, how can there be a face like that?

6. [+11, -0] Wow, I thought she was an adult, but she’s really just a kid…

7. [+11, -1] Besides being pretty, she looks like a kid

8. [+7, -0] She’s really, really, really a dollㄷㄷㄷ

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Koreans definitely have their own beauty standards ig 🤷‍♂️

Blackpink the youtube slaves

prettier than jennie

Color color stans and yg & teddy's 4 slūt cycles

Oh for sure 🤭


You two are so miserable


How is she extremely skinny but her face still chubby?? Makes 0 sense


It’s called fillers


a puffy face is a common side effect of bulimia


The way you can see her entire collarbone distinctly is so unhealthy… She’s in literal heart failure danger levels of anorexia and anyone who tries to silence people bringing it up is hurting her further.


I remember Somi’s fans called anyone who worried about Somi weight/body as haters. Saying Somi has her own PT(Physical Trainer) and they know more about health than us normal people. Imagine 170cm has 40+kg weight. That definitely not healthy. Then, Somi actually admit on radio. She said she had IV before going to the show.


And to think of that somi didn’t even look this obvious. I don’t understand how the company is just letting her do this to herself. From ps at a very young age to being super underweight. She’s always so camera conscious too, like I feel so bad. I blame the company and her parents


I used to think it was the industry/agency fault for most kpop idols are underweight. However, it seems like it was because of Korean Beauty Standards. I watched few videos about korean talked about their beauty standards and they said girls/women need to be within 40+kg. It doesnt matter how tall you are, you need to be within 40+kg to be considered as slim. & About the plastic surgery, they said most high school graduate have ps. It was a prize from their parents for successfully graduated.

Edit: Just watched any idol show when they talked about dieting, all idols talked about how their agencies forces their idol to go on diet to be within 40+kg. So, i think its amazing how some fans see criticism on agencies regarding this issues as “we are haters” or “we have inferior complex”

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Damn the comments on this site are only getting nastier with each passing day ngl


probably the idol with the most obvious eating disorder


So pretty 🥰


People in the comments got their inferiority complex’s exploding lmaoo


Of what exactly? She’s not a super model or miss universe. Lol. People are just pointing out on how obviously unhealthy she looks and how careless are company is


Case and point lmao


the fact that the knetz noticed her face more and ignored the fact that she’s too skinny for her height and age

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