It is true that Karina did not have rhinoplasty

It is said that people with rhynoplasty can’t do this to their nose and aespa Karina did it.

1. In the first place, this is a screenshot of an unedited back cam video from her pre-debut days as a student, but it has already been proven that she has a high nose haha 

2. But it’s absurd to say that you had a nose surgery in the first place…? If you look closely, you can still see a little bit of snoring, and it’s natural to anyone, but Karina did nose surgery? Just a few people crying

3. She already had a high nose from the past photos

4. These are the kids who insist on plastic surgery even after seeing such a thing anyway, and today, Karina’s beauty is a live-action version of a Barbie doll.

5. In the first place, it’s not a nose that had surgery at all, but for what reason, the people who say they had nose surgery are just ignorant and insist on ignoring them.
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