It is true that Karina did not have rhinoplasty

It is said that people with rhynoplasty can’t do this to their nose and aespa Karina did it.

1. In the first place, this is a screenshot of an unedited back cam video from her pre-debut days as a student, but it has already been proven that she has a high nose haha 

2. But it’s absurd to say that you had a nose surgery in the first place…? If you look closely, you can still see a little bit of snoring, and it’s natural to anyone, but Karina did nose surgery? Just a few people crying

3. She already had a high nose from the past photos

4. These are the kids who insist on plastic surgery even after seeing such a thing anyway, and today, Karina’s beauty is a live-action version of a Barbie doll.

5. In the first place, it’s not a nose that had surgery at all, but for what reason, the people who say they had nose surgery are just ignorant and insist on ignoring them.
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She’s super pretty now and everybody knows that she had ps, so what’s the problem? Just accept it already and move on like you can’t even deny it bcuz it’s too obvious. I don’t wanna post her past pics here, but anyone can google it

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post them, i dont believe you

Bring back discuss

Just stop bringing this up.

She has very obvious plastic surgery. In fact, she looks like those koreans who over edit their faces.
She’s pretty but just stop it now, not sure who you’re trying to convince atp


Lets not lie her pre-debut photos show she is big plastic monster


Idk why karina’s plastic surgery is discussed so much while BP plastic surgery monsters get no mention of their dozen face changes? Atleast karina has always been pretty but what about butt uglies like Lisa and jennie who used to look like a homeless nobody until her rich mom gifted her a new face.

YG owns Naver and controls all media sites hence why the biggest plastic surgery offenders never get discussed yet they are always after karina who is drop dead gorgeous and was a visual even before getting some procedures done. Worry about jennie’s eyebrow less bloated pufferfish face and Lisa’s megamind forehead that not even plastic surgery could fix.


Since when yg own naver?!?


kpop fans these days talking about plastic surgery reminds me of 2nd gen times 😭 honestly we shouldn’t give a fuck about idols’ plastic surgery tbh or if they do fillers or whatever like why is that a problem with us


she looks like the child of a gangnam auntie and an alien… her fans need to stop lying to themselves


Not surprising Koreans will nitpick about her nose. They live in a lookism society where they gloat about how natural/plastic surgery free an idol is, how pretty an idol is, how pretty their body is, how pretty and pale their skin is, and criticize how fat an idol is for gaining a couple of pounds (even though they’re still visibly thin on camera & in person) and then praise them for losing weight to look skinny again.

Every idol looks good and who cares about if they got plastic surgery. Koreans should be looking at talents instead.

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Did u really need to make a whole think piece on this… it’s not that deep

Get a job

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