“It seems to be the best performance that can be seen in K-pop” Netizens talk about BTS Jimin’s ‘Set Me Free Pt.2’ choreography video

BTS Jimin’s ‘Set Me Free Pt.2’ choreography video just uploaded

1. It’s better than the music video

2. He’s so good at dancing

3. Wow, the choreography video is really amazing. I have to go to sleep, but I can’t turn it off

4. I know he’s a good dancer, but seriously.. Wow, his aura is no joke, as expected Park Jimin

5. Later, if someone asks if Jimin is good at dancing, I have to show them this, everything is crazy

6. This video is a legacy to pass on to future generations

7. I know he dances well, but I’m still surprised

8. Wow, all I can say is he’s really nice and awesome

9. Jimin is so nice and cool

10. The first stage on the American talk show next week is going to be so much fun!!

11. Wow, the dancers’ performance was crazy and gave me goosebumps

12. It seems to be the best performance that can be seen in K-pop

13. I can’t take my eyes off him, crazy

14. The quality of the choreography video is amazing

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This will look so good on a big stage in like a tour or year-end award shows


I hope the company doesn’t waste this opportunity. Set Me Free or songs from Face deserve performance at year end shows 🥺

WhatsThe Point

And when jimin takes away the best choreography award and 🥕 get mad again

Color color stan

Carats believe they’re so unproblematic thinking charting, streaming is armys obsessive behavior but when it’s year end award shows they get mad their favs didn’t get anything cause they’re so stupid they didn’t read the criteria 🥴

mother dozen

this is seriously one of the best choreos i’ve ever seen, sienna outdid herself tbh. i can’t wait to see his performances! i hope he gets to go to year-end shows like hobi did and shows everyone how it’s done.


This deserves a MAMA/MMA performance and its just a pre-release… we aren’t ready for the full album!!!


So bad
He’s so ugly


So bad
From today, you will see Jimin everywhere you look
Cry harder

Color color stan

Stop projecting, this is not the time and place to reflect on your looks


stop describing yourself


He’s so lazy and taemin wannabe


WTH are you talking about?
Jimin has a background as a dancer before joining bighit, he studied contemporary dancing in art school. and so far Taemin and Jimin’s dance style is clearly different, instead Kai’s dance style is much more similar to Taemin’s, so if you want to say someone as Taemin wannabe, Kai suits it better.

Last edited 8 days ago by Whatever

Taemin does contemporary better than Jimin even though he never took a dance lesson before joining SM. By your reasoning Kai does not suit Taemin either because Kai had a ballet background before joining SM. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgKakyh6nZA

Color color stan

Lol taemon wishes he has Jimin’s relevancy


Who wants to be a lesbian looking twink? Taemin >>>>>> pigmin


who wants to be a flop? 😂😂😂


I thought I don’t like the song at first but now it’s on repeat. It’s really good


Yeah I keep watching mv so much 💜


Jimin revived kpop🔥


It’s just a beginning




Also Vibe has surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify 🥳🥳


he slept with the ceos


Guys don’t forget to vote for Set Me Free on mcountdown 🙏💜
Let’s win ARMY


vote for hyungline too you solo


“Now come the days of the king😎”


Jimin made so many b!tches cry with his solo lmaooooo

Saint Seungri

taemin from aliexpress


This choreo is more like Aliexpress Key. How does somebody 10 years older than Jimin have more energy than him



As expected from our stage commander 🤌🏻


Kai is so much better than this pig


Jimin just keeps winning. The song is so good and the choreo is insane! I liked the song immediately, but now I’m obsessed with it.


Heavily autotuned horrendous song is good? The standard is in pits of hell.


Kai’s Rover >>>>>

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