“It will be hard to listen to Harisu’s voice for the whole song” Netizens predict that Jisoo’s solo album will only have one song

I guess Jisoo’s solo album will only have one song

"It will be hard to listen to Harisu's voice for the whole song" Netizens predict that Jisoo's solo album will only have one song

Because it’s a single album

[+90, -78]

1. [+126, -0] A single album usually contains about 2-3 songs

2. [+111, -104] But it will be hard to listen to Harisu’s voice for the whole song

3. [+92, -2] The number of songs in Jisoo’s solo album has not been revealed yet~ And not all members released two songs

4. [+79, -77] We’ve been waiting for years and that’s all?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Looks like they’re not sure about thisㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+71, -60] Looks like they’re just doing what they need to do

6. [+55, -1] Her record is being updated in real time. Less than 24 hours have passed since the album was ordered

7. [+27, -23] Who wants to hear her voice full of nasal discharges?

8. [+19, -4] It’s funny that all the comments show an inferiority complexㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+14, -1] Rosé is also a single album, but has 2 songs, and Lisa is also a single album, but has 2 songs~ Don’t be stupid~

10. [+9, -8] Can Jisoo sing live for 3 minutes while dancing alone…?

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🤣🤣🤣 spilled. Their fans bringing preorder like that helping her whiny noise 😭


Whiny noise is pigmin


Stop insulting successful people when you can’t protect your idol lol 🤣

Very Famous Soprano Singer

God is fair. She’s would be too perfect if she’s good at singing, my job at jeopardize.


I dont think ktown4u sales mean anything as much. Because alot of artists use weverse shop nowadays. I heard that rose also broke record for ktown4u but still ended up not pass 500k sales back then. I think jisoo sales would be similar like lisa or less. Mean around 500k-800k. Higher than rose. Unless YG try so hard to push sales by adding many versions. Heard that its only cost like $8.


$8??? oh they want a bb hit for the dozen baddddd😭 i hope blinks keep buying from ktown4u, fighting blinks!💞

why is everyone on this site a dumbass?

arent those are good numbers for solos especially female solos. hell even a group selling 400k is good.


It cost average of every k-pop album which is $17. Her fans have worked hard enough to collect funds to collaborate with the site and get more discounts. Don’t just go around believing anything people say on internet or check yourself if you’re making some comment because pann girls believe anything they see. Also people who buy from weverse are those who want to chart billboard. Her album being single isn’t eligible for bb 200 so fans buy from the site which is more convenient for them


“Midsoo 1st Solo Album by midsoo breaks the record……..on KTOWN4U”
Geez, da scale, da standard beyond laughable that clown can use dis to crake a joke 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ladyboy lisa

They really thought they did something 😭


Worry about pigmin flop album


blackpink struggles to get even top 5 on itunes us meanwhile even with songs he’s already previously released for free, jimin is already top 5 despite itunes taking forever to put his songs on their store. he’ll never be a flop!


Every time you call him pigmin Jisoo’s neck tumor grows 5 more inches, amen 🥰

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By the time you write this, Jimin is already number one on the ITunes Worldwide Songs chart 😘


The floppiest album to ever flop incoming


Kpop stans really are so deseprate for achievement bc what the fuck is a ktown4u record


don’t insult harisu like that! her song “liar” is so good and her voice is amazing. nothing like midsoo’s grating, irritating voice.


the biggest dozen coming to TANK 😭😭😭😭 can’t sing can’t dance certainly can’t act can’t write just nothing

It's whatever

Omg. People is so mean here. Ofc jisoo isn’t the best vocalist and it’s kinda stiff. But ktown sales aren’t as bad. Probably will do good in kcharts. If I’m not mistaken Rose won an award for her album (?) Maybe that’s what they’re looking for bc i highly doubt they’ll get billboard records


Armpits so insecure 😂😂

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But why only 2 songs? If you are releasing only two freaking songs then just release it digitally. Why are you wasting cd and ruining environment if you are not even using that disk and album to the fullest. Or just release a photobook. Why waste a cd? Atleast put 5-7 songs to fully utilise it. Like you are wasting disks for less than 10 minutes songs if both are played simultaneously.
Her company is seriously evil for doing this. Ama aren’t bp global ambassador for nature earth or something. Why they are partaking in something which is seriously going to ruin the earth if did carelessly. Why the hell are they wasting cds and ruining environment while making it just for 2 freaking songs?!
This grp seems to be showing their real colors from the moment they got famous. From Jennie agreeing to be in a movie with well renowned r@pe enthusiast and problematic af director to now this. I really gave them all space for whole years even when their fandom dragged my faves nonstop for no reason at all. But the reason rn is so legitimate, like why are you wasting cds? Just release digitally if your are gonna release two songs!

dozen sing dozen dance dozen act

it’s because these girls are spineless bastards with no ability to think for themselves. doing an environmental campaign then posing in their private jets with their designer outfits made in sweatshops, accepting titles that claim their ferocity as female trailblazers while singing lyrics that degrade other women and supporting rapists, expecting us to feel bad for them with their uwu grew up with a hole in a mattress uwu walk in my shoes and then shaking hands with the french president while the french people protest and shaking their ass for the thai royal family while keeping quiet about the thai protests. let’s not forget stealing black women’s styles, fashions, and trends, caricaturing hip hop and rap while keeping their mouths shut about blm and police brutality despite having the second largest kpop platform. just a bunch of airheads only motivated by money🤷🏾‍♀️

and blinks can call me obsessed, nothing yall say will change the facts about what i said. i used to be a blink too until i compared them to other celebrities i loved who actually stood by what they believed in.

based misandrist

lol a pathetic black woman pick me y’all will only criticise asian women but then dickride asian men who act like ghetto gangstas and that love is completely one sided just today i came across an asian man who describe BW as “easy” 😬

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Seungri reformed

If dozen jin can, she too 🙂


If you think about it, March really is the month for the mediocre and dozens. Jisoo, Kai, Jimin, J-Hope, Miley Cyrus, etc.


Don’t forget Morgan Wallen!

Seungri reformed

And 9 hags too 🙂

Karina rocket puncher

She can’t sing dance and has 0 stage presence

Karina rocket puncher

8 dollars🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Dont be a stupid if your brain can work properly just think about it. Those discount is from fans donation. Come on slutkarina i think there is something wrong with ur useless brain


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What in the PopBase is going on in these comments

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