“It’s a perfect gift for White Valentine’s Day” ‘Vogue’ BTS Jimin x Tiffany & Co. photoshoot video released

‘Vogue’ the photoshoot video of BTS Jimin x Tiffany & Co. released

April issue cover

1. Cute and pretty!!!!

2. When will Jimin’s song come out??

3. Daebak, Jimin suits Tiffany & Co. so well

4. He’s elegant, young, and he can do anything.. He’s crazy

5. Oh my god, Jimin’s charm is amazing

6. His aura is crazy ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. He’s good at using facial expressions and body

8. Jimin’s voice makes my heart flutter

9. I guess I became a fan???? I never thought I would fall in love with him by looking at magazines rather than watching him on stage

10. The fans will really love it

11. There’s a reason why Vogue is one of the top fashion magazines

12. What’s going on with the video quality, it’s crazy

13. I really like it. It’s a perfect gift for White Valentine’s Day

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dot com bubble

Tiffany & Co. suits Jimin, just like Dior. He’s really good at picking the brands he’s gonna represent.


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Last edited 11 days ago by ramef33456

The fact that there are people trying to decline this man’s FACE card is insane to me, like?? He’s literally unreal 😍

hinata boke

That’s oli london twin bro, nothing unreal


But you’re gonna be crying abt armys HaTiNg SuCcEsSfUl WoMeN when I return that on your fave cause we both know who you actually are, obsessed mf 😘


stop looking at yourself


There is a massive disconnect between what Jimin fans claim and what men in the real world actually experience.

Jimin fans claim he is incredibly handsome and attractive, but in the real world a man who looks like Jimin would have an INCREDIBLY hard time attracting women romantically. If anything, he would attract gay men almost exclusively.

His level of softness and femininity is simply unattractive to most women outside of Asia. BTS fans are lying to themselves if they think otherwise. They should realize that THEY are the outliers. They are the ones with abnormal tastes.


The way you’re on every single jimin article like.. I’m afraid calling you obsessed won’t do it anymore. REST abeg, no one’s taking you or your paragraph seriously 🙄


He’s too fugly


Why do people keep talking about themselves in the comments? 


You are right – BTS fans are ugly.

A scientific study showed that women who are insecure about their attractiveness are drawn to more feminine men while women who are confident are more drawn to masculine men.

Between BTS fans constantly saying how BTS “saved” them and help them in life, and how feminine BTS is, especially Jimin, I think it is safe to say that BTS’s fandom is composed mostly of very insecure girls who are often ugly, overweight, or have mental health issues.


this gotta be the worst gift for white valentine day then


I bet you’ve never received a gift for white day. 🤣


stop your delusion, he’s not giving it to you lol


*best 😍💜


Jimin 😍💜

Saint Seungri

ooo gift from the gods

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