“It’s like a mix of Chinese and Japanese style” What netizens say about BLACKPINK Jisoo’s solo single “ME” VISUAL FILM #1

BLACKPINK Jisoo’s solo single “ME” VISUAL FILM #1

1. It’s like a mix of Chinese and Japanese style

2. Why do you guys think it’s Chinese or Japanese style? Watching the video, I don’t see any Chinese or Japanese style, but where do you get that feeling? The costumes and everything are Korean

3. It looks like a cosmetic CF

4. Some say it’s Chinese style, some say it’s Japanese style, I guess they’ll bash her no matter what

5. BLACKPINK seems to be good at filming music video, their acting is so natural

6. It’s like Japanese style

7. Something reminds me of Chinese style

8. Every time I see Jisoo, I get surprised.. Her face is crazy

9. No, it’s like a trailer for a movie. The combination of video and images is so good

10. I always knew that Jisoo was pretty, but these days she’s the prettiest

11. Jisoo digests the concept better than I expected

12. Both poster and video are of good quality

13. It’s so different from BLACKPINK’s existing concepts.. Can’t wait

14. The vibe is crazy and the face is crazy too, I’m looking forward to it

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