It’s said that HYBE made 50 billion won from BTS’ concert movie, crazy

It’s said that HYBE made 50 billion won from BTS’ concert movie, crazyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

BTS makes more money

1. This concert was even broadcast for free many times

2. As expected from Kingtan

3. BTS, what the hell are they..?

4. BTS makes more money. I will watch it right away

5. Ba$tards, please treat BTS well. They didn’t even go on tour, but they made 50 billion won

6. I haven’t watched it yet…

7. ??? I haven’t watched it yet

8. It aired for 2-3 weeks, but it grossed 50 billion won, daebak

9. BTS is crazy

10. I haven’t watched it yet.. BTS is daebak

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Casually making that much money when youre inactive is crazy


I do not know why ppl think hybe doesn’t treat bts well. Bts get their money, is free to do what they want, the company listen to them, they consulted lawyers for their contract, creativity freedom, and nowadays they’re free from busy schedules and get all the rest they need. The only “problems” that ppl are mad about are all so trivial like outfit and hair etc. Other companies would never give them this much freedom and will work them to the bones if they have bts. Only antis would be against them having rest


it’s not about trivial things this time around though, it’s the specific things that are normal like playlisting & having their solo albums on time instead of waiting 2 weeks. how armys & bts can’t get that?

It is what it is

Pretty sure you’re not army if you think we complain about “trivial things”.
Not only they did mediaplay for newjeans shading on BTS, but also they never promote their individual projects like they should.
No playlisting, no airplay, no YT ads. Don’t even get me started with the delay on album shipping that cost them peaks on charts. They do all that for their other groups.
And before you go and say “BTS doesn’t need it”, we’re talking here about them as individuals not as a group, hence why they need all the promo to be recognized as individuals artist, that it’s the purpose of this 2nd chapter.
Hybe goes milking BTS but can’t even do the bare minimum for them


Have bit confusion Didn’t Namjoon said in his vlive that from now on he won’t be doing projects that have a certain level of popularity, charts &vitality he would just collaborate with ppl who are his friends. In fact it was also out that BTS members prepares a whole meeting and Namjoon did some meeting over NFTs with HYBE’s board and they agreed what he had to say ? I get the album problems and playlisting but how damn sure are we over the fact BTS members individually didn’t crated their promo style? I’m not fighting btw just talking. Cuz Seokjin said that Jhope didn’t put out a album but he wanted to so he did ?


Wtf Hybe doesnt even ship BTS’ albums on time!!
They can produce 20 versions for others group cb yet BTS solos dont even have a proper promotions
Dont come and talk non-sense
Even New Jeans has better promos in America!
Yall should stop acting like BTS members are in charge of everything they’re under a contract and hybe doesnt support their solo debuts or group COMEBACKs like they should
We are just asking for the basic promo they give to every other group under Hybe but BTS


But BTS are under Bighit ? They went private and just use HYBE as money source why is everyone so sure that BTS are controlled under a contract ? Like I’m seriously curious about the reasons!? Cuz BTS members have so much money that they definitely have powerful lawyers that definitely checked their contracts and if it was something they didn’t like then it was sort out…. Jin, Hobi and Namjoon all showed with genuine thought process that why they choose certain things and why they didn’t. Yes Playlisting and album problems are something that HYBE needs to fix but I’m so weirded out reading about solo promo when BTS Members curated their plans themselves? What point am I missing? (I’M VERY CALM AND NOT FIGHTING JUST MAKING THIS CLEAR🌻)


I think most of us complained about the album shippings and playlistings tbh. You can’t really expect us to hard carry these streams alone for these solos just like what we did with the group’ songs especially last year all songs are closely released to each other, we do good for the first week then then we free falling the second week. It makes the fandom burnt out, most of the fandom also grow up and spend less time streaming these songs so a bit of playlisting would help us if BH releasing these solos and solo collabs back to back.

If you don’t care about number streams or albums, then it’s up to you but majority of us cares about this since this also will help the members to bag some nominations for the award shows later on. I mean look at how jitb barely got nominated last year. I really hope us and also k-armys works very hard on the upcoming solos this year so we can bag some nominations for the remaining boys.


If only hybe ship bts solo albums on first week n give playlisting n extensive promos, then they would not face much complains from army. They should have use this opportunity to promote bts solo well. They can gain much profits n at the same time can attract well known soloists to sign with hybe. Dont know why they want sabotaging bts solos. Its bts the one still very popular by 2025.


I cant blame if BTS as a whole or any member leaves Hybe
Imagine being the PILAR of a conglomerate yet everyone under that has better promotions and support from them but You
As an Army, im going to still support them if they leave, im not a fan of a company, im a fan of BTS’ members

Lazy Banana

100% most ARMYs will not side with HYBE if BTS decides to leave. However, I don’t think it’s gonna happen anytime soon.

👩🏻‍🚀 Astronaut Y

Bts as a group in their inactive era makes more money than most groups in their heyday


Entire “next bts” could never do that 😉




i watch , no regrets , still feels like ur in an actual concert


I went to the cinema 2 times to see the concert, I hadn’t been to the cinema for a long time, but to see BTS is worth it. Hybe should take care of them, no other group in their company, no matter how hard they try, is going to give them what Bangtan has given them. 


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