It’s surprising that BLACKPINK has never attended MAMA?

It was like Gong Yoo would model for Gong Cha, but he didn’tㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

No, I thought I saw BLACKPINK’s stage at MAMA somewhere, but they never attended MAMA…

1. What? Really?

2. The first time I knew this… I was shocked

3. Really??????

4. Is it because they are busy touring abroad?

5. It’s because YG didn’t have a good relationship with MAMA

6. I didn’t know that

7. What? I thought BLACKPINK had the legendary MAMA stage

8. YG and MAMA have a bad relationship

9. I remember BLACKPINK received the rookie award, but it’s another award ceremony???

10. I was surprised

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Its bc they know they won’t win so they don’t even attend… plus yg has beef with mama.


LMAOOO delulu


armies the andrew tates of kpop


hopfully karma ctches y’all and who ever assulted you gets out free and people blame you for it
karma is real bitches


Lmao, they say ARMYs are bad but damn, blinks are plain evil wbk lmao


They literally won today and yesterday but they never sent any speech videos. In conclusion, they don’t give a fuck about MAMA


They never win a daesang that’s why they don’t attend. They want the 3 main awards but since they are flops in Korea and even in the US, they don’t attend. Funny, even when they attended the VMAs, VMAs still gave the main Group of the Year award to BTS who didn’t gaf about the VMAs lol

who you

YG had beef with Mnet because they chose to give the ROTY award to their daughters instead of blackpink who literally won ROTY everywhere except for MAMA, thus making them failed to get grandslam ROTY. groups like bts & gfriend also failed to get grandslam ROTY because of MAMA for the same reason too. from 2011-2018, you’ll see that MAMA always gave their ROTY to artists from Mnet’s survival shows but only some of them actually deserved it

so from 2016-2019, YG never sent their artists to MAMA & Mcountdown anymore. and that was the reason why iKON also didn’t get their well deserved SOTY daesang, because Mnet was being petty. YG only came back to MAMA because treasure won ROTY there in 2020. but actually MAMA still gave blackpink worldwide fans choice award during those times

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They never sent speech videos whenever they won awards in MAMA. They don’t give a fuck


not a fan of them but who cares? mnet is scum and so is mama. they’re obviously doing fine without those little awards

Dot Com

Them girls hardly go to any Korean awards. They wanna be global so bad they buy international awards because they weren’t winning them fairly like they thought they would.

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They wanna be global but only win awards from non-respectable award shows in the US.


Drag them!


That’s a lie if I ever saw one. MNet and MAMA by extension have a GREAT relationship over the past few years, but because their newer groups had severe competition, YGE can no longer strong arm and make MAMA about THEIR acts only. They wouldn’t get the main three daesangs, so now they avoid it save for giving Treasure exposure cuz they need it.


Because they are never given a daesang anyway. Twice is still more successful than them in Korea with multiple daesang from various award shows.

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