ITZY is getting good reactions with their styling these days

ITZY’s recent styling situation….

Overall, the reactions seem good

1. Chaeyoung is so pretty

2. The members are getting prettier by the day, but it’s a pity that the songs aren’t my taste…

3. All five ITZY members are so pretty

4. Yeji, she’s really crazy these days

5. Yeji is so pretty these days

6. Wow, they look stylish and pretty

7. The goddesses are so pretty

8. Wow, the first picture is so pretty… Oh my gosh

9. What’s up with Ryujin’s abs?

10. Shin Ryujin is crazy

11. Yuna’s aura is really crazy

12. Queen Yuna

13. Ryujin and Yuna are crazy

14. They’re so pretty… They changed their coordi??

15. Yuna’s white outfit is the best

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