ITZY Ryujin shocks netizens with her amazing body recently

Ryujin’s body is amazing

They all have nice bodies but what’s up with Ryujin in the middle..? Her body is f*cking pretty

[+186, -54]

1. [+94, -5] Wow what’s up with the three members in the middle?

2. [+69, -4] ITZY members all have good bodies

3. [+65, -4] Seriously, TWICE and ITZY are both pretty tall, so they both have nice bodies… They all have pretty waists and pretty legs. I think they all have good proportions

4. [+63, -33] Haechan should pay more taxes~

5. [+56, -2] JYP female idols especially have good bodies

6. [+23, -1] Isn’t Lia also famous for having a good body?

7. [+19, -25] I don’t know about Ryujin, but Yuna and Chaeryeong have the best bodies

8. [+18, -10] I really like a body like Ryujin, I’m so jealous

9. [+16, -0] The second member from the right looks better than Ryujin?? Is she Yuna?

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