ITZY Ryujin who takes selfies with the iPhone camera without using filters

Pictures taken by other people

Seriously, the pictures look natural and pretty ㅠㅠ

1. She and Han So Hee look like sisters. They look alike, but they are pretty in different ways

2. She’s so pretty. Ryujin’s face is the best

3. She’s seriously pretty and her skin is so pretty

4. She’s pretty, charming, and even cool

5. Ryujin’s aura is amazing

6. No, she’s seriously pretty…. Out of all the female idols, I like Ryujin’s face the most

7. I wish she could create her personal Insta account

8. Ryujin is really pretty and handsome

9. She’s so pretty, she looks like Han So Hee

10. Ryujin’s face is perfect

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