ITZY Yuna’s legendary visual these days makes netizens ask JYP to push her more

Yuna’s visuals are legendary these days

When it comes to Shin Yuna, she’s not human, she looks more like a doll

[+184, -36]

1. [+38, -1] Seriously Yuna.. What should I say, she’s like a queen.. She’s so prestigious that I doubt if she’s fit to live in the same world as me

2. [+26, -0] She’s kind of cat-like, so cute…

3. [+26, -0] JYP, please push Yuna more

4. [+20, -2] She’s the cat-like, this gif is so cute ㅠㅠ Queen Yuna

5. [+20, -0] It’s funny that her selfie is better than the teaser photoㅋㅋ

6. [+5, -0] ITZY is so good, I like them because they dance and sing live well. I always support them

7. [+5, -0] Not only Yuna but this time all members’ visuals are explosive

8. [+4, -1] I want to see Yuna and Ryujin acting together

9. [+3, -0] JYP should announce her individual activities right now

10. [+2, -0] Her face is small but her eyes are big.. Visual of the female lead in romance manga

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