IU becomes ‘Estee Lauder’ global ambassador but netizens are disappointed

‘Estee Lauder’ global ambassador IU

1. That mature image doesn’t really suit IU

2. IU doesn’t seem like an attractive model in the fashion/beauty industry. I have no intention of buying

3. First, I feel like the brand image and model (IU) don’t match

4. She doesn’t suit the brand

5. It doesn’t suit her very well, Estee Lauder doesn’t make me feel young

6. Hmm….I don’t want to buy the product…

7. Estee Lauder really doesn’t suit IU ㅠㅠ

8. Why does her expression resemble Han So Hee…?

9. I’m not an anti, I really like IU but she’s doesn’t suit Estee Lauder

10. IU is cute but Estee Lauder is more elegant and mature… so it doesn’t suit her

11. Hmm… I don’t know if the problem is blonde hair or red lips

12. I’m not the only one who thinks it doesn’t suit IU

13. I think Estee Lauder wants to change their brand image. But in the next photo, let’s use black hair…

14. IU is pretty but doesn’t seem to suit Estee Lauder..

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