IU was praised after changing her makeup style

IU changed her makeup, right?

She was pretty before, but these days every selfie she posts is f*cking pretty…

1. It seems like it’s because she’s wearing contact lenses

2. Didn’t she say that she changed the makeup shop?

3. Her eyelashes look prettier

4. I think IU would look better with eyelashes like those of idols

5. It seems like her makeup has changed a lot, her lip makeup has also changed

6. That’s right, she’s so pretty these days!!

7. I heard that her makeup shop has changed ㅠㅠ

8. For real, she’s crazy pretty these days

9. It’s like idol makeup! She’s so pretty

10. IU has many attractive features on her face and her hair is also pretty

11. I saw somewhere that the person in charge of makeup has changed

12. Eyelashes + contact lenses + makeup have changed

13. She looks like an idol

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